R$ 50.00 released in credit at Nubank: who can receive it?

R$ 50.00 released in credit at Nubank: who can receive it?
R$ 50.00 released in credit at Nubank: who can receive it?

Currently in Brazil, Nubank is one of the main fintechs that focus their efforts on offering financial services. Thousands of users use the services of this company, which arrived in the financial market with the promise of reducing bureaucracy in the offer of services. For this and other reasons, many Brazilians have been looking for Nubank as their main option among today’s banks.

Thus, one of the main advantages when it comes to creating a digital account in Nubank, is the credit card has no annual fee. In addition, the entire process of service or resolution of possible problems takes place virtually, without the need to go to a physical branch of the institution.

Another advantage of Nuconta, is the news related to Pix, considered one of the main means of payment among Brazilians, and the credit card limit. See below for more details about the Nubank account.

Nubank limit

When opening your Nubank account, the company can release a limit of BRL 50 for people who have a score lower when it comes to your financial health. This is a limit related to the institution’s new accounts, more specifically targeting the credit card limit.

However, approval of the credit limit at the company is still subject to review. So, if the limit doesn’t please the customer, there are a few ways to get a new higher limit. For this, it is possible to take some measures.

Among them, it is important to keep payment of card bills up to date. This demonstrates the customer’s responsibility for their debts. Another attitude that influences limit release is related to the clean name. Therefore, it is important not to have active debts in your name.

These attitudes are of great value not only for the case of Nubank’s analysis, because, having a dirty name, the citizen is harmed in several aspects. For example, in granting loans, as many institutions deny applications, or may offer them with a higher interest rate.

Another point that can help in granting credit is to focus your spending on the card. With this, the institution may understand that it is necessary to release a higher credit limit. It is also important to keep the income value in the application up to date.

Credit of up to BRL 5 thousand

A novelty that Nubank has recently launched is the functionality to build your own limit. With this, it is possible to obtain a credit limit of up to R$ 5 thousand. The operation of the modality is very simple: it is only necessary for the interested customer to deposit the amount in the account.

For example, if a customer wants to make a purchase in the amount of R$500, he must transfer this amount in debit to the digital account and thus determine the amount that should be used as a credit card limit.

Once that’s done, just pay the bill to have access to the money again. In this way, it is possible to redeem the amount or use it again to build a new credit limit. Thus adding more balance, so that you can increase the credit limit in the Nubank.

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