Will the Aid Brasil calendar be cancelled?

Will the Aid Brasil calendar be cancelled?
Will the Aid Brasil calendar be cancelled?

The current Auxílio Brasil calendar can be canceled in October, as it can be brought forward by nine days, as happened in August

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The current Auxílio Brasil calendar may be canceled in October, as the Ministry of Citizenship intends to bring forward the transfer of the social program by nine days, as happened in August. In this way, the anticipation aims to improve the image of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), in the event of a second round of elections.

Thus, Ronaldo Bento, Minister of Citizenship, stated that the Federal Government intends to bring forward the payment schedule in October. Therefore, the transfers will start on the 9th, and not on the 18th, as initially planned.

“For next month, the idea is always to improve the process, optimizing the payment process and anticipating what is possible, so that the family receives the benefit as soon as possible. For next month, for the month of October, the idea is also to be in this process of modernization and anticipation of the sheet”, said the minister.

Advance payments

In August, the advance of the Auxílio Brasil payroll took place for the first time. When the first installment with the additional R$ 200.00 was paid. However, due to technical problems it did not happen again in September.

Although the federal government intends to bring forward the October payment schedule by nine days, the transfers can only be advanced in the next month if the anticipation also happens in the following months. Because, with the anticipation in August, but not in September, the beneficiaries were about 40 days without receiving the Auxílio Brasil. Causing a negative impact.

2nd shift

In short, the anticipation of Auxílio Brasil in October could be fundamental to Bolsonaro, who seeks re-election. Thus, one of the main campaign strategies is to advance the transfers weeks before the 2nd round.

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