Elderly woman is forced to transfer R$ 75,000 at a bank branch

Elderly woman is forced to transfer R$ 75,000 at a bank branch
Elderly woman is forced to transfer R$ 75,000 at a bank branch

A 72-year-old woman was kidnapped and forced to make a bank transfer of BRL 75,000 inside a Banco do Brasil branch in Higienópolis, central São Paulo. According to the elderly woman’s daughter, the victim was detained for about three hours with two men. The case took place on July 5, and so far, the family has not been able to recover the lost money.

The approach took place on the corner of the daughter’s house around 10 am, when the victim was walking to a fair close to home. “I always advised her not to talk to people on the street, since she is from the countryside and is not used to the violence here. That day, she said that a person asked for information about an address, she said she was not from here and walked away. But the person insisted, saying he couldn’t read and, suddenly, a second man arrived”, he tells the UOL the victim’s daughter, who declined to be identified.

The men started questioning her about the money she had in the bank. “They knew how much she had in savings and asked if she had more, saying they wanted everything. They also said that if she didn’t do what they said, they would send for her grandson.”

According to the daughter, the woman was without her bank card at the time and was guided to return to the apartment, and then go down again to get in the car. “I had gone with my son to get the vaccine. If I had been here, I would have noticed her reaction”, she explains.

The men took her to the Banco do Brasil branch and, while one was waiting in the car, the other accompanied the victim to the cashier. “She said he went through the revolving door. She went to the clerk, who didn’t ask any kind of questions, handed over the little paper they gave with the bank details and transferred all the money that was in savings. She was under strong threat” .

The daughter reported that the victim did not use the account in question and that the money was essential, as she does not have health insurance and saved the savings for possible emergencies.

After the action, the elderly woman was left on Avenida Paulista. “She didn’t know where she was. She asked people on the street where there was a nearest Banco do Brasil branch and, from there, she called me saying that she had been kidnapped. I was desperate.”

According to the victim’s daughter, the family was surprised by the elderly woman’s delay. “There was a moment when, realizing that she was taking a long time to return, I called her. She answered me, saying that she was in the ‘running’ inside a store and hung up. I started calling madly and she answered me on a video call , saying that everything was fine and that she needed to hang up. Then she said that, when I started calling, the men told her to leave and let them know that everything was fine”.

The family asked for the money to be intercepted.

The family called the police and asked the bank manager to intercept the transfer amount. However, the daughter informs that it was not possible to recover the money. “The manager said she was going to try to intercept the amount that had been transferred to an account at Banco Inter, but she already said that the money wouldn’t be there because when that happens, they start transferring it to other accounts.”

The daughter also informed that the manager said that crimes like this “happen more” than one imagines. “My indignation was that a 72-year-old lady, very simple, goes to an agency that is not hers and asks to transfer R$ 75 thousand, which is not a transaction she usually does and no one is surprised? They simply took the money They didn’t ask me anything. If you have a gun to your head, aren’t you going to type the password?”

According to her, the mother is still very upset about the kidnapping.”She is super worried, nervous. I notice that she is suffering from more insomnia, she is more crying. all with great fear. It’s a trauma that I don’t know how to deal with.”

She also informed that, in her mother’s account, there was still R$ 5 thousand left, which was transferred in installments to a new family account. “They said they couldn’t transfer the entire amount because the manager blocked the card. It was easy to transfer R$75,000, but is it difficult to transfer R$5,000?”

In a note, the SSP-SP (Secretariat of Public Security of São Paulo) reported that the case is being investigated by the 4th Police District (Consolação). “The unit’s team has already heard the victim and analyzes the images from the cameras of the bank agency. The steps are continuing to identify the author.”

Banks speak out

wanted by UOLBanco Inter regretted what had happened and informed that when an account is identified being used to practice scams and fraud, it is closed immediately.

“In cases where there are reports of crime, Inter advises customers to call the institution immediately after the occurrence, so that the appropriate analyzes are carried out and look for the financial institution where the transaction originated so that the appropriate measures are evaluated” , says the statement.

The bank also informed that it cannot provide details on the aforementioned case, for reasons of bank secrecy, “but that it is available to clarify the client’s doubts”, in addition to working “in cooperation with the authorities and with Febraban (Brazilian Federation of of Banks).”

The institution also informs that it has several security measures in the application to ensure the integrity of the digital account and that it “reinforces its respect for customers”, being available on the 24-hour service channels.

In a note, Banco do Brasil stated that it collaborates with the investigations to elucidate the case and said that it analyzes all disputes of financial transactions not recognized by customers.

“The Bank complies with the legal requirements regarding equipment and security procedures provided for in the legislation for bank branches”, he said. O UOL questioned the financial institution about the location manager’s speech, that crimes of this type would occur frequently in branches, but BB did not comment on the matter.

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