check out the best ways to protect yourself from scams

check out the best ways to protect yourself from scams
check out the best ways to protect yourself from scams

Proximity payments are a life-enhancing novelty. This is because, currently, it is possible to make any type of payment, using only the technique of approaching the card to the machine. The modality aims to bring convenience to consumers, preventing them from having to insert the card, among other things that can take a little longer.

It turns out, therefore, that in the midst of so much ease, there are some issues that must be taken into account, such as the security of the cardholder. In this way, it is valid to understand how safe the modality is, as well as what should be done to avoid fraudulent situations. So there are some necessary recommendations.

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Are contactless payments secure?

Well, in advance, like all types of transactions, the approach also comes with some risks, but these can be easily avoided. The tool itself is safe. That is, as it was developed to perform exactly the approximation function, there is no risk in using it. That is, considering its functionality.

Therefore, it is still valid to say that the method of use may not be so safe, depending on how consumers do it. This is because, as it is a way that guarantees easy and fast payments, some carelessness situations, or attempted scams, may occur at the time of payment. That’s the big point.

In this way, the tool is quite practical, so there are some alternatives that can help users to avoid unpleasant and inopportune situations. Thus, it is necessary to pay attention to the forms of use, so that it is not necessary to block the function on your card. So, just follow a few security steps that promise to improve the approximation’s usefulness.

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safety tips

1. Create a password

First, know that it is possible to enter a password, even for approximation payments. In any payment method, you will need to enter the password. To register the password, simply consult your bank’s application settings.

2. Set a limit

A lot of people don’t know, but it’s completely possible to set a limit for this type of payment. The customer decides the value. That is, the maximum payment can vary from R$1 to R$1,000, for example, depending on the availability of balance and credit. The alternative is a good one for those who prefer not to enter the password when approaching the card.

3. Check the values

Always check the value that is in the machine, even before approaching the card. That’s because mean people can change the price of payment without you even realizing it. In addition, always request a duplicate payment made by card.

4. Track everything through your bank’s application

In view of these mentioned facts, another tip is to always keep track of your banking transactions. That’s because, it’s a way to control cats, as well as prevent fraud. This can be done very simply, through your bank’s application. You just need to go to the “extract” tab.

5. Keep app notifications up to date

Following the previous tip, always keep your bank notifications up to date. That is, allow the application to send you instant messages, through any transaction and/or payment. Thus, you can dispute a purchase immediately.

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