Check out 3 investments that make more money than the Selic Treasury – 09/23/2022

Check out 3 investments that make more money than the Selic Treasury – 09/23/2022
Check out 3 investments that make more money than the Selic Treasury – 09/23/2022

The basic interest rate, the Selic, stopped rising, stopping at 13.75% per year, after the most recent decision by the Central Bank on the matter.

Selic is a reference for fixed income investments. If it stops increasing, the profitability of safe investments also stops growing.

But this does not mean that the Selic rate is the ceiling on profitability for those who do not want to take risks.

In today’s column I show you three types of safe investments that make your money earn more than the prime rate.

How much is the Selic rate?

The investment for individuals that follows the basic interest rate is a Treasury Direct bond called Treasury Selic. Although the Selic rate is 13.75% per year, the net income of the Selic Treasury is a little lower, due to the Income Tax.

Assuming you leave the money invested for a year, the net gain (with IR) would be around 11.5%.

So let’s see which investments can give you a net gain of over 11.5% in a year today.


To yield above the Selic rate, a CDB must have a yield of 102% of the CDI or more. Thus, after deducting income tax, the income would be 11.5% per year.

This return is not difficult to find in brokerages that serve individuals. In a quick search, I saw CDBs in these conditions in the following financial institutions: Órama, BTG, Bari, ABC Personal, Nova Futura and Daycoval.

To be fair in comparison, here I am considering a CDB that, like the Selic Treasury, has daily liquidity, that is, that allows you to redeem it at any time, without risk of loss.

If you know you won’t need to redeem your investment in less than a year, you can get even better rates. You can find this type of CDB at the brokerages mentioned above and also at Guide, Nu Invest, XP and Will, among others.


From the investor’s point of view, the LCA and LCI are applications very similar to the CDB, with the difference that they are exempt from IR.

Therefore, to have a gain greater than that of the Treasury Selic in an LCA or LCI, you need a return not of 102% of the CDI (as with the CDB), but of only 77% of the CDI.

Finding an LCA or LCI with this rate and daily liquidity is not so easy. However, if you can keep the money invested for a year, you can get papers with that return at brokerages Guide, Nu Invest, Inter, Bari and others.

If your broker was not mentioned in this text, don’t worry. Send a message to the institution (or the advisor representing it) asking if they have an LCA or LCI with a return above 77% of the CDI, or if they have a CDB of 102% of the CDI or more.

Often the products are not advertised, but you may be able to invest, depending on the relationship you have with the broker.

real estate funds

Real estate investment funds (FIIs) are no longer as safe as a CDB, an LCA or an LCI. On the other hand, they can give a much greater return.

There are currently 28 real estate funds with a return above the Selic rate. The most profitable of them, the URPR11, has a dividend return of 19.9% ​​per year, well above the 11.5% per year you find in the Selic Treasury.

It is worth mentioning, however, that the return on investments in FII fluctuates a lot over time. You will only get that 19.9% ​​if the fund continues to remunerate investors at exactly the same pace as in the last 12 months.

I recently explained at the end of a column what the risks of FIIs are and how to mitigate them.


CDBs, LCAs and LCIs also have risks. The bank that issued the paper may become insolvent and default on investors.

However, you can get rid of this risk if you don’t leave more than BRL 250,000 invested in these papers. Because, if the bank fails, the Credit Guarantee Fund (FGC) will pay you what you are entitled to, as long as you do not exceed this amount.

The limit of R$ 250 thousand is per financial institution. For example, you can have BRL 200,000 in a CDB from bank A and another BRL 200,000 in another from bank B. If both go bankrupt, the FCG will pay you the BRL 400,000.

Any questions?

If you have any investment questions, follow me on Instagram and send me a message there. Your question may be answered shortly in this column.

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