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Government increases spending on advertising for the Aid

Government increases spending on advertising for the Aid
Government increases spending on advertising for the Aid

The Federal Government decided to invest heavily in advertising involving payments for the Auxílio Brasil program. According to information obtained by the newspaper O Globo through the Access to Information Law, expenses with this sector increased by more than 10 times considering only the last month of June.

Government data indicate that R$ 2 million was spent on advertising about Auxílio Brasil in April and May. In June, this value jumped to R$ 36 million. As of July, expenditures dropped to zero because the electoral law does not allow this type of advertising during the campaign period.

According to information published by the newspaper, throughout 2022, the Federal Government spent R$ 36 million on advertising. It is estimated that 77% of this amount was distributed in June alone. It is worth remembering that it was precisely at this time that the Planalto was under discussion to increase the level of the benefit to R$ 600.

Of the BRL 36 million spent by the Government on advertisements about Auxílio Brasil, BRL 2.6 million was used to pay for the production of these advertisements. Another R$ 34 million was used to pay for the display of advertisements. Globo was one of the most benefited companies, as it usually registers more audience.

In any case, not all the money was in the airing of advertisements on TV and radio. The government also used a large part of the advertising budget to fund more than 2.2 million external advertisements. These are the cases of banners, billboards and even advertisements in means of transport such as buses and subways, for example.

Electoral aid?

Although spending on advertising involving Auxílio Brasil has increased this year, members of the Federal Government are unanimous in stating that there is no electoral interest. In general, they claim that the increase stems only from a concern for the poorest.

More recent data from the Datafolha Research Institute indicate that 90% of Auxílio Brasil users support maintaining the benefit amount at R$600 in 2023. For 5% of them, the level should return to R$400.

About 45% of the program’s users say that ex-president Lula (PT) is more likely to keep the value of Auxílio Brasil at R$ 600. Soon after comes Bolsonaro, who was the answer of 40% of users.

Payments are resumed

This Monday (19), the Federal Government officially resumes payments under the Auxílio Brasil program. Today, for example, it is the turn of users who have the final Social Identification Number (NIS) 1.

Until the 30th of September, the expectation is that more than 20.65 million people will receive the benefit amounts. Below, you can check the detailed release calendar for the social project. Check out:

September 19: Users with final NIS 1
September 20: Users with final NIS 2
September 21: Users with NIS End 3
September 22: Users with NIS End 4
September 23: Users with final NIS 5
September 26: Users with final NIS 6
September 27: Users with final NIS 7
September 28: Users with final NIS 8
September 29: Users with final NIS 9
September 30: Users with final NIS 0

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