Brazilian company promises to launch electric car with a price of R$ 100 thousand

Brazilian company promises to launch electric car with a price of R$ 100 thousand
Brazilian company promises to launch electric car with a price of R$ 100 thousand

Currently, it is necessary to pay almost BRL 150 thousand, at the very least, to have an electric car in the garage. However, the values ​​are increasingly closer to the traditional models (flex, gasoline and diesel). For a Brazilian startup promises to launch a battery-powered car soon with a price of Onix and HB20. This is Mileto, a company with curious projects, including vehicles powered by solar energy and 3D printed, with prices starting at R$100,000.

At first, Mileto Tech Motors plans to manufacture from small urban cars to motorcycles – Raiden, Minato and Rivia – and even mini trucks. All pure electric. The company does not say when, but warns that it will hit the market “soon”.

Miletus / Reproduction

“Every detail of our product will be designed to improve user performance, experience and safety. As well as lead to sustainability and democratization of use”. That’s what the statement on the Mileto website says.

urban compact

Not many details have been released yet. However, according to Mileto’s website, the cars are fully intended for use in the city. Thus, they will have a maximum speed of 80 km/h. There is the possibility of charging in conventional sockets and autonomy of 200 km. But there are still no specifications for lithium-ion batteries.

For now, what is known is that the models will have a gross weight of approximately 650 kg. That is, they will be super light. And they will have the capacity to carry up to four people. Thus, everything leads us to believe that it is a electric compact carin the style Caoa Chery iCar.

Miletus electric truck
Miletus / Disclosure

Possible or unrealistic?

Although it is a little fanciful, the company promises, in addition to models with solar-powered electrical sets, vehicles with bodies made with a 3D printer. According to Mileto, “the need for fewer components, faster technical updates and significantly shorter production cycles will drastically reduce production costs. Thus, it will be possible to pass the savings on to our customers”, informs the brand.

Also according to the startup, with these solutions, customers will not be “hostage” to facelifts proposed by automakers. The use of 3D printing “allows us to create a wider range of styles, which can be tweaked. This ranges from a different texture on the dashboard to a fully customized exterior,” he promises.

Miletus electric car
Miletus / Disclosure

Mileto calls the factory’s assembly line a “printing line”. The unit is located in Porto Real (RJ), the same municipality as the PSA Peugeot Citroën factory – and the Stellantis group. According to information, the first units will be available in October. But the company doesn’t talk about it. Will the project go ahead?

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