EMERGENCY AID CONSULTATION: Will I receive BRL 600 or BRL 3,000 TODAY (19/09)?

EMERGENCY AID CONSULTATION: Will I receive BRL 600 or BRL 3,000 TODAY (19/09)?
EMERGENCY AID CONSULTATION: Will I receive BRL 600 or BRL 3,000 TODAY (19/09)?

During this month of Septemberthousands of citizens have the right to receive the Emergency Aid. As a result, the Federal Government opened the Query for Brazilians to check who is able to redeem the program’s values.

In this sense, below, see how to check the value of installments that vary between BRL 600 to BRL 3,000.

Even now closed, the Emergency Aid may have looting in this year 2022 by some people. The new modality of the program is called retroactive emergency aid.

Emergency Aid 2022: Know the new rules for withdrawals

As mentioned earlier, the Emergency Aid is being paid in 2022 with amounts that can reach up to BRL 3,000.

This is because the payment of Emergency Aid 2022 is available in five installments of BRL 600 – that have not yet been removed.

O Emergency Aid 2022 or the Single Father Aid, aimed at serving men who are heads of households.

To be eligible, you must meet the following requirements:

  • be registered in CadUnique until April 2, 2020;
  • Not having a spouse or partner;
  • Have registered the benefit through digital platforms by July 2, 2020, the deadline for registering in the program;
  • Be registered as a “Responsible Family Member”;
  • Have received a single share from the benefit;
  • Having people under the age of 18 in the family.

Value of the installment of the new Emergency Aid

At first, the emergency aid of the year from 2020which should have been paid to the single parents head of household, who were registered in CadÚnico last year.

In this way, the amount released by the government depends on the number of installments not redeemed and may vary between BRL 600 to BRL 3,000.

Dataprev website for consultation

At the outset, it is important to note that the Emergency Aid consultation on the portal dataprev only with the use of CPF will no longer be possible. It so happens that the system now has new rules.

Previously, the citizen could consult only with CPF, date of birth, full name and mother’s name. However, it is now necessary to have a account Gov.Br, perform the Login and only then consult the benefit.

O Dataprev 2022 websiteYet, still available for consultation of Emergency Aid. But as informed, the creation of a Gov.Br account is mandatory.


  • Access the Benefit Consultation portal
  • Click on the “Enter with Gov.br” button
  • Then fill in your Registration of Individuals – CPF
  • Fill in your Gov.br account password
  • If it is your first access to the platform, it will be necessary to carry out the “authorization to use personal data”, just click on “Authorize
  • finished. you will be in 2022 benefit advisory panel

If you prefer, the consultation can also be made by telephone, through the number 111from Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF).

Finally, it should be noted that access to the Emergency Aid Consultation Portal 2022 can be realized by clicking here.

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