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The culture was in evidence in Santa Cruz do Sul this weekend. Although cold, the sunny Sunday took many people to the 33rd edition of the Book Fair at Praça Getúlio Vargas. The stalls were packed with people looking for copies and there were almost no places to check out the cultural performances that attracted people of all ages and styles.

According to information from the manager of the Social Service of Commerce (Sesc) Santa Cruz do Sul, Roberta Pereira, the fair has so far received an estimated public of 26 thousand people. In terms of sales, 17,593 copies were sold. The book Amor e Gelato, by writer Jenna Evans Welch, is the most sought after by readers. “The evaluation of the organization is super positive. The public participation is great”, said Roberta.

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Photo: Bruno Pedry

One of the people who was surprised by the general public was Adriana Ribeiro, owner of Loja Aquarela, which has been present at the fair for four years. Because of the movement, Ribeiro believes that the population of Santa Cruz was anxiously waiting for the book fair. “The first two days were busy, but today (Sunday) the fair is also full,” she noted. Also according to Adriana, the sale of books is very varied. “From children’s literature, to business and self-help. There are no specific best-selling titles.”


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