Book Fair comes to an end with good evaluation

Book Fair comes to an end with good evaluation
Book Fair comes to an end with good evaluation

Disseminating and valuing reading is one of the main missions made possible by the Pan-Amazonian Book and Multivoice Fair, which ends its 25th edition this Sunday. Regional authors note the resumption of the event at the Hangar Centro de Convenções as positive.

A loyal audience attended the nine days of the fair, to honor the various activities offered. Professor Aderson Feio, 42, on a break from work, went to the Hangar with his 9-year-old daughter Suane. “The Book Fair is a great opportunity to encourage people to read. I have two daughters, one of them school age, so I think it’s a really cool opportunity for her to meet and get into the world of books.”

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For the professor, the idealserie will have other great events like this one with the same purpose. “I am a teacher and, at school, we also think about motivating students to read, because sometimes they want to know more about screens, cell phones and TV and end up missing an opportunity to grow and learn. It would be nice if the Fair were not just once a year, but could have other great initiatives to encourage reading throughout the year”, points out the visitor.

The writer Maria Mariane is at the Book Fair for the second time, launching a book. In this edition, she presents the book of poems “Versos do Avesso” to the public, a reflection of the author’s life during the pandemic. “The movement has been good since the first day of the Fair. It’s great to see children, teenagers and their families, as well as schools visiting us because the writer needs this feedback and, at the same time, places that provide security to publish and have access to this audience”, says the author, who integrates the Academia Castanhalense de Letras (ACL) and has his fourth work of poems in “Versos do Avesso”.

Its first release was in 2018, also during the Pan-Amazonian Book Fair. “The return is hopeful because we need to live the distance from everything. The Fair provides the opportunity for the reader to meet the writer again. It is an encouragement that involves the launch of works, but still a moment to re-signify the environment, since the Hangar was where many people recovered, but others died. We can re-signify this with poetry and culture. It’s a way of worshiping a new moment”, analyzes Maria Mariane.

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Mario de Almeida is another writer who is happy with the public’s receptivity. “It’s great to be able to meet readers again at the Book Fair, which is a showcase, especially for us independent writers, who have been working for several years. I have participated in the Fair since 2009, when I met [os escritores] Juraci Siqueira and Heliana Barriga. For me, this return after the pandemic is essential for us and the population, for the appreciation of reading”, says Mario. He launched, at Ponto do Autor, the children’s book “Open Doors”, made when Mario contracted covid-19. “I spent three months going back and forth to the hospital, I had the beginning of a heart attack, so I started writing to get those dark thoughts out. When I started writing, it was just morbid things, but it wasn’t what I wanted to leave if I died, so I remembered my childhood, when I was afraid of injections and from that, I created the main character of the book, thought to ease the suffering . They are open doors to happiness, to seeing the world differently”, describes the author.

Hotel receptionist Francisco Mendes, 61, says he went to the Fair to buy a book by an author from Pará and found a writer of the same name. “It is a great joy for me to see people from Pará standing out in literature. I would like to see more writers present here, like those from my city, Viseu. It is a way of encouraging literature from Pará”, he says.

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A group of second-hand bookstores was also represented during the Fair, with four different establishments. “It’s been very interesting, we’re doing good sales. There are people who really like to ‘find’ good and cheap books in second-hand bookstores. There is a little bit of everything in the collection, which reaches three thousand books at the stand alone. There is also the audience that likes comics. Even my authorship, which is coming out a lot”, celebrates bookseller and author Alan Santos, creator of “O Poderoso Maximus”, a hero from Pará, says Alan.

“He is a professor of literature who, in possession of a magic medallion, transforms into a superhero. I try to put more everyday themes, escaping a little from the hero against the villain”, details the comic book artist.

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