ACM Memorial, in the Federation, opens with 4,500 books and 25,000 photos for research

“President, you need to respect your friends more. You are not respecting and I am not willing to do so. It is my dignity as governor that makes me act like this. I am not a governor who waits four hours for a phone call back from the presidency of the republic”. This was a conversation between the then governor of Bahia, Antonio Carlos Magalhães, with the president of Brazil, Fernando Collor de Mello, in 1992.

This and other accounts of the life of one of the most important political figures of the 20th century are recorded in a collection in memory of the Bahian politician, which has about 4,500 books. On Sunday (4), he would have turned 95 – he died in 2007. He spent 55 years dedicated to public life, which are also recorded in a newspaper library with more than 200 folders with newspaper and magazine clippings, and 14,400 sheets of letters exchanged with family members, artists and politicians of the most diverse levels.

There are 4,500 books, including the former senator’s personal library (Photo: Arisson Marinho/ MAIL)

All material is available for free public access. The above phone call took place in September 1992, and during the conversation, ACM was tough. “Here in Bahia we don’t say wait, to wait forever”. The collection has records, for example, of the visit of Juan Carlos, King of Spain, and Cuban leader Fidel Castro to the Bahia Museum of Modern Art (MAM), in 1993.

ACM and Fidel also appear in a photograph exhibited at the memorial, alongside other records of historical visits, such as those of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom; former US President Bill Clinton; former South African President Nelson Mandela; and Pope John Paul II. There are 25 thousand photographs. Some of the most important figures in national history, such as former president Juscelino Kubitschek – of whom ACM was a very close friend – exchanged letters with the Bahian, as another book in the collection shows.

Photographic panel has a record of visits by various authorities to Bahia (Photo: Arisson Marinho/ MAIL)

The memorial was divided into four blocks. One of the windows tells the story of the Bahian with his family, photos with his wife, children and grandchildren in different periods of his life. At the top you can read the account of the current candidate for the Government of Bahia, ACM Neto. “I remember my grandfather taking his grandchildren to show the revitalization works of Pelourinho […] ACM’s love for Bahia… was genuinely his feeling”, he says.

The next window shows the former senator’s relationship with culture and displays some of the 403 medals and decorations he received. The plates add up to 473, like one received from the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra, positioned just below a song by Chocolate and Nelson Rufino written for the politician. There are also photographs with artists and small pieces carved in clay.

It was 55 years of public life (Photo: Arisson Marinho/ MAIL)

On the other side, in the front window, records of his relationship with Brazil, such as a dedication by Juscelino, the title of the Order of Military Merit and a tribute from the São Paulo City Council. The fourth showcase is dedicated to his relationship with Bahia, with excerpts from correspondence exchanged with the writer Jorge Amado, the key to the city and references to Ford and the People’s Basket.

The executive director of Instituto ACM, Cláudia Vaz, responsible for the space, said that the material can be consulted free of charge and that the next step will be to digitize the collection. She believes it is an important source of research for students and teachers and cited as an example the visit of a Canadian professor who used the material in studies of political families.

“We cannot forget all the labor of love that ACM has done. It was 55 years of public life in which he worked for Bahia. He also had a national role and in a very different way, because he had a fervent love for this land, he fought and fought, and he achieved a lot for Bahia. He worked a lot in culture, so the Institute today has a mission focused on culture and heritage and has carried out projects in this segment, to continue his legacy,” he said.

Cláudia Vaz highlighted the importance of the collection as a source of research (Photo: Arisson Marinho/ MAIL)

The memorial’s hours of operation are 9:00am to 12:00pm and 1:30pm to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. The space is at the headquarters of Rede Bahia, in the Federation. The material can be used for reference and a librarian will be available to assist researchers.

The space was created in 2011 with the purpose of being a non-profit social organization, and has a documentary collection in newspaper and magazine clippings about the state of Bahia, its political history and its social and urban development. The books that were part of the former senator’s library are also in the memorial, with works on political science, arts, biographies and economics, among others. It is also possible to get to know the Institute through social networks.

The Institute informed that it will hold the 1st Festival of Popular Culture in Salvador on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of September. There will be 24 cultural manifestations of dance, art, music, crafts and gastronomy. The groups will make presentations in the streets and squares of the Historic Center of Salvador. The event will begin with a mass at the Nossa Senhora do Rosário dos Pretos Church, with the participation of the Irmandade dos Homens Pretos, the Irmandade da Boa Morte (Cachoeira) and the Filhos de Gandhy. The Folkloric Ballet and the Frevo and Dobrados Orchestra also participate.

Visit to the ACM Memorial
What is the collection: There are 4,500 books, 25,000 photographs, 14,400 sheets of letters, 473 plaques and 403 medals and decorations.
When: From Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 12 pm and from 1:30 pm to 5 pm
Where: Rede Bahia headquarters, at Rua Aristides Novis (São Lázaro road), nº 123. Federation.

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