Expert Tip: The Book of Bitcoin Books

Expert Tip: The Book of Bitcoin Books
Expert Tip: The Book of Bitcoin Books

Phil Champagne’s work brings a lot of information about the development of bitcoin

After all, who created bitcoin and kick-started crypto as we know it today?

The answer is unanimous: it was Satoshi Nakamoto.

What is is not unanimous is its existence. Or rather: no one knows for sure if Satoshi was a person or a group of people.

Fact is that the theory developed there generated bitcoin.

Perhaps more important than knowing who the father or mother of this new system of wealth generation is, is understanding the philosophy, logic, and rationale that developed it.

If that is your goal, Fabricio Tota, director of the Bitcoin Market, indicated from this Thursday’s Expert Tip (1) The Book of Satoshi: The collection of writings of Bitcoin creator – Satoshi Nakamotoum.

“There are several writings, which build this story, to demystify what this mystical figure of Satochi was”, says Tota.

These are email exchanges and forum posts that are believed to be Satoshi’s authorship. The author, Phil Champagne, guarantees that the book is a compilation of direct and express manifestations of the creator of bitcoin.

Some say that the work is almost a “Bible” on the subject. Well, at the very least you get inside this whole story and get closer to the creator’s thinking. Or creators.

What should happen to bitcoin?

Digital currency is still seen as an alternative for risk-bearing investors. But still, experts recommend that if this is the case for you, you don’t put anything more than 3% to 5% of your wallet in virtual currencies.

“Bitcoin, which hovers around $20,000, may drop even further, but it shouldn’t reach $10,000,” said Tota.

The big thing is you choose the risk you want to take. “Today, people run away from risk, but you have to choose which risks you want to take: it can be equity, startups or cryptocurrencies,” said Total. “But the biggest risk is you don’t have it.”

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