Writer from Pernambuco is nominated among the semifinalists of the Oceans Prize 2022

O book “Bicho Geográfico”, by the journalist and writer from Pernambuco, Bernardo Brayner, published by Companhia Editora de Pernambuco (Cepe), is among the 65 works from several Portuguese-speaking countries selected, this Wednesday (31), as semi-finalists of the oceans 2022, one of the most important literary awards in the Portuguese language. Were evaluated 2,452 books of authors of 17 different nationalities launched in seven countries.

The 65 works were published by 40 different publishers – 25 from Brazil, 11 from Portugal, three from Mozambique and one from Cape Verde. With support from Itaú Cultural, the Oceanos Prize opens space for books of any genre. This year, poetry led the entries, with 1,130 books, which corresponds to 46.1% of entries. The novels totaled 743 works (30.3%) and were followed by short stories, with 372 entries (15.2%); chronicles, with 156 (6.4%) and dramaturgy, with 51 works (2.1%).

“Didn’t expect. I wasn’t even thinking about it. But it is recognition for a book made outside the big cities, with a smaller print run, which is competing against giants of literature. Of course, it’s a reason for satisfaction with the work”, comments Bernardo, who points to the challenges of the profession. “Burning the bubble of the big publishing houses in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo is too difficult. Getting reviewed in a big newspaper is practically impossible if you don’t have a big publisher behind you,” he says.

geographic bug
By freeing photography from its “documentary prison”, the author manipulates photographic objectivity in favor of narrative, which may seem autobiographical at first but is actually what he calls autofictional. “It’s a kind of old photo album transformed by the lens of memory and fiction. Bernardo Brayner delves into his own family past in a narrative that feeds on the gaps and disturbances it creates”, summarizes Cepe editor Diogo Guedes.

Evaluation steps
The choice of winners will be made in three stages. The first, which is now ending, was evaluated by 122 writers, poets, teachers and literary critics residing in Angola, Brazil, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique and Portugal. They were also responsible for electing the members of later juries. The jury will choose at the end of the year, on a date not yet defined, the three winners among the ten finalists. The first place will win R$ 120 thousand; the second, R$ 80 thousand and the third, R$ 50 thousand.

“Bicho geographic”, by Bernardo Brayner, is among the 65 semifinalists of the Oceans 2022 Award

Check out the Oceans Prize 2022 semifinalists

The seagull or life around the lake, by Susana Fuentes | 7Letters – Poetry
The Yellow Note, by Gustavo Melo Czekster | Zouk – Romance
The Pediatrician, by Andréa Del Fuego | Companhia das Letras Brasil e Portugal – Romance
Afar-se (thirteen short stories about water), by Luísa Costa Gomes | Don Quixote – Tale
Some violent days, by Ismar Tirelli Neto | Macondo – Poetry
America – a love poem, by Mariana Ianelli | Ardotempo – Poetry
Drill area, by Luciana Tiscoski | Ship – Tale
The diseases of Brazil, by Valter Hugo Mãe | Porto and Blue Library – Romance
Tavinho’s ants and other memories, by Almiro Lobo | Reach – Account
Shoot for the crooked, by Margarida Vale de Gato | Indian ink and Macondo – Poetry
Unauthorized autobiography, by Dulce Maria Cardoso | Indian ink – Chronic
Low splendor, by Marçal Aquino | Companhia das Letras – Romance
Geographical bug, by Bernardo Brayner | Cepe – Romance
Club of Nihilists, by Tom Correia | Urutau – Tale
A soul out of every five hundred, by Ana Paula Maia | Companhia das Letras – Romance
Degeneration, by Fernando Bonassi | Record – Romance
Of this silence in me, by Rui Conceição Silva | Snail – Romance
God Homeland Family, by Hugo Gonçalves | Companhia das Letras Portugal – Romance
Discourse on Metastasis, by André Sant’Anna | However – Tale
Elephants in the sky of Piedade, by Fernando Molica | Patuá – Romance
I don’t speak this word, by Luiza de Carvalho Fariello | Patuá – Tale
I confused a firefly with a plane crash, by Vinícius Mahier | Macondo – Poetry
Your impression, by André Dahmer | Companhia das Letras|Poetry
Introduction to rock painting, by José Tolentino Mendonça | Assírio & Alvim – Poetry
Jerusalem of Us – Play in One Act, by Leo Lama | It’s Achievements – Dramaturgy
Lebanon, labyrinth, by Alexandra Lucas Coelho | Editorial Caminho – Chronicle
Machine, by Eleazar Venancio Carrias | Urutau – Poetry
Seaquake, by Djaimilia Pereira de Almeida | Water Clock – Romance
Boy without a past, by Silviano Santiago | Companhia das Letras – Romance
My anger at a poetry that only gets worse, by Carol Braga | Urutau – Poetry
Furniture for an escape in March, by Marana Borges | Dubliner – Romance
World, by Ana Luísa Amaral | Assírio & Alvim Portugal and Brazil – Poetry
Museum of the Revolution, by João Paulo Borges Coelho | Editorial Path and Kapulana – Romance
We only understand much later, by Laís Araruna de Aquino | Corsair-Satan – Poetry
Notes on impermanence, by Paula Gicovate | Faria e Silva – Romance
The Invisible Elephant Hunter, by Mia Couto | Fernando Leite Couto Foundation and Caminho Editorial – Tale
Her singing, by Ana Kiffer | Patuá – Romance
The Florentine Candlestick, by Paulo Henriques Britto | Companhia das Letras – Tale
The God of Avencas, by Daniel Galera | Companhia das Letras – Tale
The cow dribble, by Mario Prata | Record – Romance
The gospel according to Magdalena, by Marcelo Pagliosa | Reformatory – Romance
The book of the liquid man, by Pedro Pereira Lopes | Gala-Gala Editions – Tale
The book of little no’s, by Heloisa Seixas | Companhia das Letras – Romance
The most beautiful end of the world, by José Eduardo Agualusa | Quetzal – Chronicle
The melancholic reptile, by Fábio Horácio-Castro | Record – Romance
The rhino on the wall, by Frederico de Oliveira Toscano | Urutau – Tale
The sound of the jaguar’s roar, by Micheliny Verunschk | Companhia das Letras – Romance
Purgatory, by Pedro Eiras | Assírio & Alvim – Poetry
Quarantine – a love story, by José Gardeazabal | Companhia das Letras Portugal – Romance
Who’s alive raise your hand, by Maria Fernanda Elias Maglio | Patuá – Tale
Dear City, by Antônio Torres | Record – Romance
Intimate Resistances and Other Itineraries, by Lucilene Machado | Patuá – Chronicle
Scratch this word, by Ana Martins Marques | Companhia das Letras – Poetry
Harvests of a sad autumn, by Arménio Vieira | Porcelain Rose and Brazilian Book House – Poetry
Only hyenas kill smiling, by Aramyz | Urutau – Tale
We also keep stones here, by Luiza Romão | Us – Poetry
Tornado, by Teresa Noronha | Exclamation – Romance
Transfer, by Kevin Kraus | Editacuja – Chronicle
Tristia, by António Cabrita | Porto – Poetry
A whole name willing to ride, by Caetano Romão | 7Letters – Poetry
An exhibition, by Ieda Magri | Reliquary – Romance
Flow 10.8 – the last drop of morphine, by Diógenes Moura | East Wind – Romance
Revenge, by Danielle Magalhães | 7Letters – Poetry
Turning the Ipiranga, by Guilherme Purvin | Round Earth – Tale
Chinese View, by Tatiana Salem Levy | Yet and Elsinore – Romance

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