11 incredible books to learn about love

11 incredible books to learn about love
11 incredible books to learn about love

Books provide moments of reflection and inspiration that can enrich our personal journey | Photo: (2shrimpS | Shutterstock)

In an increasingly fast-paced world full of challenges, it is essential to take time to take care of your mental health and strengthen your bonds with yourself. Amid the rush of everyday life, it’s easy to lose sight of the importance of cultivating self-care and self-knowledge.

However, it is these practices that allow us to face obstacles with more balance and resilience. In this context, reading proves to be a great ally, providing not only entertainment, but also moments of reflection and inspiration that can enrich our personal journey.

Thinking about how to strengthen each person’s bond with themselves, we selected 11 books that help with mental health, boost self-knowledge, break down prejudices and help us take big steps in romantic relationships. In addition to contributing to personal evolution, these indications provide moments of relaxation and connection, in other words, there are many reasons to catch up on your reading. Check out!

‘The 5 languages ​​of love’ offers valuable ideas for couples to understand their forms of emotional communication (Image: Digital reproduction | Christian World)

1. The 5 love languages

One of the biggest dilemmas is how to make a relationship work between two people who, at times, seem to come from different planets. Understanding these differences is part of the solution. In this book, Gary Chapman explains the five love languages ​​and presents a questionnaire for couples to discover their own way of communicating feelings.

‘Loving and being free is possible’ highlights the importance of each individual finding their place in relationships and in life (Image: Digital reproduction | Latitude)

2. Loving and being free is possible

We were taught that love is being “stuck” to someone or that that person is “exclusively mine”. This is a vision that actually makes us associate love with possession. And “possession” doesn’t match love. In this book, psychologist Marcos Lacerda explains that the love and freedom they need to walk together, so that each person knows their place within the relationship and in their own lives. Love can, at first, cause great disorder in our emotions. But it is necessary to educate them and learn to be free.

‘Before getting married’ promotes mutual understanding in relationships, allowing dialogue about values ​​and expectations for a healthier union (Image: Digital reproduction | Matrix Editora)

3. Before Getting Married

This work, by Denise Miranda de Figueiredo and Marina Simas de Lima, helps in understanding each other, because it allows couples to understand each other’s values, beliefs and objectives, promoting a more comprehensive knowledge about the relationship as a couple. This resource contributes to the construction of spaces in which each person can talk about their expectations and concerns in the search for a more solid commitment, favoring a healthy relationship during marriage.

In ‘Take care of yourself’, the author shares her experience to help mothers overcome the challenges of motherhood, promoting balance and self-care (Image: Digital reproduction | Hanoi Editora)

4. Take care of yourself to take care of yourself

Being a mother is one of the most enriching events in life, but it can also be quite challenging. Therefore, Laura Schwengber shares her experience and knowledge to help mothers overcome challenges of motherhood with balance, health, true motivations and possible solutions. The book inspires healthy, full and conscious motherhood, through maternal self-knowledge and self-care.

‘Gratitude transforms’ presents gratitude as the key to transforming adversities into learning opportunities and building a new reality (Image: Digital reproduction | DVS Editora)

5. Gratitude Transforms

This incredible journey of gratitude will transform the destiny of those who cannot accept suffering and illness. Bad things happen to good people too, but this needs to be a learning opportunity. So, if there is a way to build a new reality, Marcia Luz made a point of getting to know it more deeply and thus making this knowledge available to those who cross her path.

In ‘Ageism – A new name for an old prejudice’, the author explains ageism in depth and invites you to follow the path with her to combat this prejudice (Image: Digital reproduction | Matrix Editora)

6. Ageism – A new name for an old prejudice

If you have never been the target of ageism, possibly it will be. Why are we afraid of getting old? Is youth synonymous with beauty? The answers to these and other questions can help you reflect on your fears and prejudices. In this book, author Fran Winandy explains this subject in depth and invites you to follow the path with her to combat this terrible prejudice infiltrated in our social fabric.

‘A dive into existence’ shows how experiences and choices shape human beings towards the plenitude of the soul (Image: Digital reproduction | Hanoi Editora)

7. A dive into existence

Graziela Gasparovic shares her journey of personal development, providing the reader with an understanding of the human being as a plural being, the result of past experiences, but also of present choices, being able to reorganize herself, based on her own decisions and understanding her values, to walk towards one’s own being, and experience existence in a more complete way, reaching the plenitude of the soul.

In ‘Your greatest wealth is you’, the author shares tips for people to put autopilot aside and overcome obstacles (Image: Digital reproduction | Editora Preparando)

8. Your greatest wealth is you

This book is an invitation to everyone who is in the process of understanding, respecting and loving themselves. Author Beatriz Ribeiro shares important tips for people to take control of their own lives, leave autopilot aside and achieve overcome obstacles from self-compassion and self-improvement. After all, the ups and downs are part of the complexity of life and, for this reason, they can be seen with a transformative eye.

‘SOS do amor’ is a practical and inspiring guide for relationships, based on biblical values, with ideas about identity and purpose in union (Image: Digital reproduction | Editora Vida)

9. Love SOS

This is an inspiring and practical guide to facing the challenges of relationships, especially for those looking for a lasting love connection. The book takes readers on a journey from discovering personal identity in Christ to building strong relationships based on biblical values. Authors Jefferson and Suellen share their own experiences and address crucial issues, such as the divine purpose in union, realistic expectations and practical advice for romantic success.

‘Take care of your finds, forget your lost ones’ encourages you to transform losses into learning (Image: Digital reproduction | Citadel Grupo Editorial)

10. Take care of your finds, forget your lost ones

A person, a relationship, a job. Losses are always painful. But, it is up to us to learn from it. In Aurê Aguiar’s work, the reader will be able to understand that he can choose the amount of damage that a loss can cause. Making a mistake a lesson or a pain a restoration does not mean removing everything from memory, but rather renouncing the excess of memory. Be the artist of your own life by learning to redefine your losses and to use the problem as your main strength.

‘O Pequeno Grande Caio’ is a work that addresses mourning, motherhood and the celebration of life (Image: Digital reproduction | Clésia da Silva Mendes Zapelini)

11. Little Big Caio

What would you do if you discovered that your 2-year-old child had little time left to live due to a rare degenerative disease? In this book, Clésia da Silva Mendes Zapelini tells the stories alongside the boy who exceeded expectations and lived until his 13th birthday. This is a work about the experiences of grief and the pain of a mother, but it is also a way of celebrating human existence.

By Louise Soares

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