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With the aim of respecting the freedom of those who live with me, every day I accept being attacked by the harbingers of the misfortune that, for me, journalists from almost all television channels have become. In the fight for audiences, I even understand the unbridled demand for shocking news, such is its relationship with viewers’ attention.

But on channels that claim to not be ‘popular’, I find it difficult to believe that there isn’t some secret agenda either on the part of information directors when they choose the news, or on the part of those who choose the commentators who, without contradiction, disclose, in the hours nobles of television broadcasts, the analyzes that best suit their partisan interests.

And yes, I feel that I am right because all the problems that arise related to health, education and housing are always reported as exclusive to Portugal and never as existing in almost all countries of the European Union. So, wouldn’t it be more useful to let us know the strategies that the EU is working on to solve these common problems?

On the other hand, knowing the very low self-esteem of the Portuguese (what comes from outside is good) and how they are prone to pessimism, rehashing bad news over and over again, disregarding, almost completely, what all Good days are happening in this country, it makes me question where the sensitivity of the different directors of these television channels is.

We know and they also know that citizens’ feelings of trust are related to the type of information repeated and the way it is served to them and that, therefore, repeating the same bad news thousands of times will create a feeling that problems are even worse than they really are!

I wonder, because of this, what will lead the various directors of ‘non-popular’ channels not only to disregard this knowledge but also to contribute so that the Portuguese (who, as they do not read newspapers, sit passively in front of the screens receiving false information or already digested by others) feel, with each passing day, more pessimistic and depressed. For my part, I decided to put an end to this situation.

As António Barreto said, in a text about news on Portuguese television, published in News Diaryon September 25, 2016, it is also demoralizing for me to think that it is democracy to see practices of submission to power and parties and contempt for journalistic exemption appearing on television and so, despite continuing to sit on my sofa, I chose not to listening to them and focusing on other matters.

Now, for example, while Paulo Portas, looking like a robot full of artificial intelligence, on the TV screen, wants to convince me that only his AD can save my country from ruin, I am reading a fantastic little book of reflections and SPA debates, on “Artificial Intelligence and Culture – From Fear to Discovery”, published by Gradiva, at the end of 2023.

And what a good decision I made! It feels so good to me, in this reading, not to feel manipulated that I just want to shout: long live books!

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