5 books with protagonists of dubious character, like Snow

5 books with protagonists of dubious character, like Snow
5 books with protagonists of dubious character, like Snow

This Friday (2), actor Tom Blyth turns 29 years old and we are still completely in love with him. The heartthrob played the young version of the villain Coriolanus Snow, in the new film in the “Hunger Games” saga and won the hearts of many people.

So, if you’re left wanting more — and also obsessed with characters of dubious character — we’ve selected five perfect books for you. Let’s go!

“Twisted” Series – Ana Huang (18+)

The saga, which consists of four books, begins with “Twisted Love” and is a real rage on TikTok. There, we met Alex Volkov, described as a “demon with a heart of ice”. Uiii! His character is very motivated by revenge, as he has suffered a lot in the past. Therefore, he ends up not being the best in matters of the heart.

Good Girl Syndrome – Elle Kennedy (18+)

Mackenzie likes to please – her demanding parents, her rich friends, and her longtime boyfriend. She’s more than used to curbing her impulses, but when she meets Cooper Hartley, the town’s bad boy, that skill is put to the test.

The Cruel Prince – Holly Black (13+)

If you haven’t read “The Cruel Prince” yet, this is your sign! In the fantasy story, we follow Jude. She was just 7 years old when she lost both of her parents, forcing her to live in Fairyland. Ten years later, all she wants is to be like them. But many of the Faerie folk despise humans. Jeez!

Bird and Snake – Shelby Mahurin (14+)

Was it forbidden love you wanted? So, take it! In “Bird and Snake”, we see a super unusual (and full of tension) encounter between a witch hunter and a, well… Witch! Did you feel the drama there?

Villain – VE Schwab (16+)

Finally, if you liked Snow’s pride and ambition, this one is for you! In this book, we meet Victor and Eli, who see the same desire and ambition in each other.

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