Book “Tudo Comunica 2” awakens leadership potential


“Tudo Comunica 2”, by Rafael Araújo, will be released in Belo Horizonte, on November 29th, at Semper Um Papo

“Tudo Comunica 2: communication is hot” provokes leaders to adopt a communicative attitude | Credit: Raphael Silva

One of the great challenges of contemporary management is to activate communication skills in leaders. The logic is simple: there are no business results without strategy; there is no strategy without people engagement; there is no engagement of people without leadership. Therefore, there is no leadership without communication.

“Many people continue to believe that being a communicative leader is simply about having charisma and speaking well. But none of this is enough if there is no example, consistency of purposes and attitudes”, argues the author of the book “Tudo Comunica 2”, Rafael Araújo.

With multiple perspectives as an entrepreneur, communicator and team leader, Rafael Araújo has worked with organizations of different segments, sizes and profiles for 25 years. This has allowed him to collect reflections and stories about the importance of communication in companies. The result is the “Tudo Comunica” platform, which integrates books, podcasts and various corporate training formats. The main objective is to stimulate leaders’ awareness of the importance of communication in the success of business strategies and, as a consequence, in the results of organizations.

Now, the author celebrates the launch of “Tudo Comunica 2: communication é hot”, a book to encourage an even deeper and more genuine connection in leaders with communicative attitudes. These are provocations that go beyond communication techniques. These are challenges of contemporary management, of leadership with purpose, of sustainable results.

The book has already been launched in São Paulo, at Livraria da Vila, at the beginning of this month. The launch in Belo Horizonte is scheduled for November 29th (Wednesday), in an edition of “Semper um Papo”, which will be held at the Cemig Auditorium (Av. Barbacena, 1200, Santo Agostinho), starting from 7:30 pm, with free entry.

In a simple and direct format, the author shares the proposal to stimulate the interest of professionals who are not in the area of ​​communication: 10 chapters to read in 10 minutes. “It is an objective and light book, which instigates through stories. It’s impossible not to connect with some of them, whether because you’ve already experienced something similar or observed situations in other leaders.”

With the language of a skilled storyteller, the book provokes the reader to reflect on topics that are in the daily lives of most executives: insurgency in companies, corporate memory, brand promotion and protection, ESG, internal cascading information, compliance, corporate kindness and media training.

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