Book by Cricium journalist Paulo Scarduelli will be launched at Acic

Book by Cricium journalist Paulo Scarduelli will be launched at Acic
Book by Cricium journalist Paulo Scarduelli will be launched at Acic

Author who has already launched in Joinville and São Joaquim, now arrives in the South of the State

The conversation circle and the autograph session of the book ‘Mais Aprendi que Ensinei’, by the journalist from Cricium Paulo Scarduelli, arrives in the south of the state in December. The event will take place on December 5th, at 7:30 pm, at the Criciúma Business Association (Acic), through the entity’s Culture Project.

The book tells the moving story of love, care, adventures, discoveries and challenges of solo parenthood of three children. Launched in four Portuguese-speaking countries (Brazil, Portugal, Angola and Cape Verde), it is in its third print run and has sold around two thousand copies.

“People identify with the story, they can see that my challenges are also faced by them, regardless of how each person’s family is made up”, says the author, who began sharing his experiences on social media and engagement led him to produce the book.

The narrative is perhaps one of the greatest qualities of the work, as the reader does not need to be a father or mother who takes care of their children alone to identify and be moved.

‘More I Learned Than I Taught’ is not intended to be a guide, with practical tips. It is a touching love story between four people (Paulo, Sara, Davi and Catarina) who are discovering the world together. And perhaps there is nothing more universal than that.

For the journalist Moacir Pereira, the book brings real stories and moving stories that educate parents and reveal the beauties of creation. “Mandatory reading for parents and grandparents”, he suggests.

About the author

Born in Criciúma, Paulo Scarduelli was born in 1964. He left home very early, at the age of 12, because he wanted to be a priest. He gave up three years later and returned to his parents’ house.

At 17, he left Criciúma for Florianópolis, where he studied Journalism at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC). He graduated, was a reporter for seven years and decided to study some more. He went to São Paulo and did a master’s degree at the University of São Paulo (USP). He tried academic life and became a master in Communication.

He wrote books – including ‘Ayrton Senna, hero of the media’, by the now defunct Brasiliense. Before starting a new career – that of a university professor, teaching for two years at the Faculty of Journalism at Satc, he lived in New York for five months.

He married at the end of 1999 and became the father of three children: Sara (2001), Davi (2003) and Catarina (2005). The marriage fell apart ten years later. And from 2010, his three children started living with him, with whom they still live today.

Collaboration: Deize Felisberto/Imprensa Acic

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