Works by Menelaw Sete illustrate collection books on racial issues and education


20 Nov 2023

Works signed by the Bahian artist Menelaw Seven illustrate the covers of the books in the collection “Racial Issues Education and Brazilianities“, organized by professor and historian Manuel Alves de Sousa Juniorfrom IFBA Lauro de Freitas, and by professor from Espírito Santo Tauã Lima Verdan Rangel.

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Three volumes were published, curated by Jacy Ramos. In total there are 53 chapters written by teachers and researchers from across the country with different aspects of racial issues present in the country, including education. The first volume contains 18 topics involving racial approaches in education.

The second presents 16 texts exclusively related to the 20 years of Law No. 10,639/03 and the 15 years of Law No. 11,645/08 that talk about teaching Afro-Brazilian and indigenous history and culture in basic education. The third has 19 chapters on various aspects of racial approaches in society, such as social movements, culture, literature, resistance, philosophy and racism.

The e-books are available for free download through this link and on the publisher Schreiben website.


By Gabriela Cruz. Photo: publicity

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