Government of SC orders books to be removed from circulation on the state network; see the list of works


State governor Jorginho Mello. Photo: Valter Campanato/Agência Brasil

Photo: Valter Campanato/Agência Brasil – 09/30/2022 / Estadão

Nine books were officially removed from the shelves of schools in the state education network, in compliance with a determination by the State Department of Education (SED) of Santa Catarina. The instruction, coming from the Regional Education Coordination of Florianópolis, was formalized through a letter signed last Tuesday, 7th. The department states that the measure was taken because the books will be redistributed (see note below).

In the letter, it is determined that the works “are removed from circulation and stored in a location not accessible to the school community”.

The list includes the following books:

  1. The Chemistry Between Us, by Brian Alexander and Larry Young;
  2. Satanic Heart, by William Hjortsberg;
  3. Donnie Darko, by Richaed Kelly;
  4. Lorraine Warren. Demonologists. Supernatural Files, by Gerald Brittle;
  5. Exorcism, by Thomas B. Allen;
  6. It: The Thing: Stephen King;
  7. Clockwork Orange, from Clockwork Orange;
  8. The 13 Whys, by Jay Ascher;
  9. The Devil’s Diary: The Secrets of Alfred Rosenberg, Nazism’s Greatest Intellectual, by Robert K. Wittman (Author), David Kinney.

The document was signed by the regional Education supervisor, Waldemar Ronssem Júnior, and the Regional Education integrator, Anelise dos Santos de Medeiros. The measure, however, had a negative impact, generating several criticisms and causing many internet users to point out the action as “censorship”.

In a note sent to Earththe State Department of Education (SED), through the Regional Education Coordination of Florianópolis, states that books are not being removed from the libraries of state schools in the region.

According to the ministry, “only some of the titles in the libraries of school units in the region are being redistributed, seeking to better adapt literary works to the age groups of the different modalities offered in the state education network.”

The SED states that specific works for adolescent/adult audiences had been sent by the former management to schools with students of a younger age group, such as those that only have elementary school students.

Governor criticized the ‘ideological agenda’ and cited Enem

Also on Tuesday, the same date the letter was signed, the governor of Santa Catarina, Jorginho Mello, used social media to criticize educational policy at the federal level. The focus of his observations was on the National High School Exam (Enem).

“While the ideological agenda dominates the agenda in federal education – including Enem, here in SC we are preserving our values ​​and investing heavily in the future of children and young people,” he wrote.

Source: Redação Terra

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