Everyday humor sets the tone for the book “Life of a Bookseller”

Everyday humor sets the tone for the book “Life of a Bookseller”
Everyday humor sets the tone for the book “Life of a Bookseller”

Guilherme Leite launches his first book with brief and humorous dialogues with houses from his life as a bookseller | Photo: Disclosure / Diego Moreira

Literature lovers know how important a bookseller is. This professional does not just organize, sell or recommend literary works. He is responsible for managing the experience of others by mediating the reader’s desire with his own experience and knowledge. Guilherme Leite has been in the business for 20 years and decided to share laughable moments from his career in “Bookseller’s Life“, debut work that will be launched this Thursday (11/9), at the Quixote bookstore, starting at 7pm.

Most of the short stories portray the daily life of a bookseller with a long journey, that is, one who has seen and, more importantly, heard everything. Although the texts present different themes and different situations, the thread that involves them all, to a greater or lesser extent, is humor. An aspect that guarantees the reader a journey full of smiles while at the same time transporting them behind the counter of a bookstore.

“I had many stories saved for many years, but I made a selection thinking about those that continue to present relevant themes and that have aged well”, comments the author about the curation.

Although he already had several texts saved, the movement to produce the book began in 2016. It was in this year that Guilherme began taking courses at the Dramaturgy Research Center at Galpão Cine Horto. Amid classes with Vinícius de Souza, Assis Benevenuto and Anderson Feliciano, the project got the boost it needed when it was approved by the Municipal Culture Fund and now comes to life in three ways: physical book, ebook and audio book.

Regarding the physical book, which will be available at launch for R$24, Guilherme told how the project was conceived. “The publishing market is full of traps and many fetishes, like those big books from Cosac Naify. In Brazil, it is believed that small and cheap books are bad, that they devalue the author. But the first solution I thought of was to make a light book, at a lower cost and accessible”, explains the debutant writer, who adds that the graphic design was by Ana Bahia.

In addition to the physical edition, “Vida de Livreiro” will also be available in ebook and audiobook versions, both free, from December 9th. “It was incredible to see the dialogues come to life, I think it flowed very well”, said Guilherme about the experience of recording the books. The next step is to transform the book into a podcast whose objective will be to debate and strengthen professionals.


What. Launch of the book “Vida de Livreiro”, by Guilherme Leite.
When. November 9th (Thursday), at 7pm.
Where. Quixote Bookstore and Café – Rua Fernandes Tourinho, 274, Employees.
Free entrance

  • Ebook: available for free from 12/9/2023, on Amazon.
  • Audiobook: for free from 12/9/2023, on Amazon and Spotify.

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