Created by Gisele Trucco, Online Book Club aims to unite women in search of knowledge


It was based on her personal journey that the businesswoman from São José dos Campos, Gisele Trucco, decided to create the Online Book Club. The objective is to share knowledge and experiences. To participate, interested parties pay a membership fee of R$39.90. Each week, a book suggested by Gisele will be studied collectively. Meetings always take place on Tuesdays at 7:30 pm. At each meeting, the group’s creator will propose a practical application of each chapter and, at the end, there will be time to share experiences with the book. Each reader will purchase her own book in the form she prefers.

You will be highly motivated to do readings. You will be surprised by a new way of reading, which can be applied to other books. You will be part of a community that seeks common interests: living boldly. You will be accompanied in the process of learning and practical application of the book’s content. You will immerse yourself in a new lifestyle and you will be able to benefit from it in your family and professional life.”pointed out Gisele.

To participate, contact us via WhatsApp: (12) 99710-9062

About Gisele Trucco: In 2017, as director of the NGO Projeto Montanha, in Timor-Leste, he developed Burnout syndrome, which is Professional Exhaustion Syndrome, an emotional disorder with symptoms of extreme exhaustion, stress and physical exhaustion. He delayed seeking help for fear of exposure. Then came severe depression that forced her to stop everything for a year while she underwent treatment. On the recommendation of her psychologist, she discovered the book “The courage to be imperfect” by Brené Brown, which she reveals was a turning point.

“In the book I found words like vulnerability, fear, shame and I was able to see in myself everything I needed to face. When I achieved greater success in my career, as director of the NGO, I felt very inappropriate, insufficient and was constantly preparing myself for a loss. It was as if I wasn’t worthy of all that. I couldn’t imagine any errors being exposed, criticism and fingers being pointed. As Brené Brown teaches, we can numb our feelings, but we can’t choose just one. When we anesthetize shame, with it we anesthetize joy, gratitude and happiness as well. All of this is too heavy for one person”, commented Giselle.

“I discovered a new purpose in God, which filled my heart with encouragement again. I can help other people. I decided to create content and opportunities so that people can have access to knowledge, which can lead to a new lifestyle, without fear and shame. As I had extensive experience with face-to-face groups, where we brought together dozens of women to read and share, I decided to create an online club and I couldn’t help but choose “The courage to be imperfect” as my first book, which was very important to me. ”.

In 2024, the project’s goal is to promote the reading and learning of 12 books in 12 months. All with weekly monitoring and application for your life!

Bonus: a free e-book on Reading, which will help you make this new experience much more pleasurable and beneficial

More information coming soon on Instagram @giseletrucco

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