Diario Popular / Culture & Entertainment / Sunny Sunday brings large crowds to the Book Fair

Diario Popular / Culture & Entertainment / Sunny Sunday brings large crowds to the Book Fair
Diario Popular / Culture & Entertainment / Sunny Sunday brings large crowds to the Book Fair

This Sunday’s sunny afternoon (5) attracted the public from Pellets for the 49th Book Fair, in Coronel Pedro Osório square. Those who attended the event, in addition to being able to circulate among the booksellers’ stands, could also take advantage of other attractions, such as Anime Bomb, a chat with writers Eduardo Spohr and Bruno Ribeiro and the presentation of the show The bitter Saint of Purification, of the Oi Nóis Aqui Traveiz Tribe of actuators, which took place in Largo Edmar Fetter, next to the Central Market.

While waiting for the Anime Bomb cosplayers parade, at 4pm, biomedical doctor Eduarda Ruda, 25, strolled through the stands in search of new readings. Dressed as the character Himiko Toga, from the anime My Hero Academia, Eduarda goes without saying that she is a fan of manga. “I was looking at the books because there are a lot of good promotions. I like manga, but I also like reading health books,” she said.

The manga appeared in the biomedical doctor’s life as a child while living with her grandmother, who liked manga. “She liked it, so I started watching anime on TV, I was about six years old. And as I had a lot of difficulty reading manga, which are comics, they helped me start reading”, she recalls. Today she can’t do without reading and always visits the Book Fair. “I always find something to buy,” she says.

And if there is an audience that usually attends the Book Fair, of course, newcomers arrive every year. Student Nicolas de Brito Kurz, 11, for example, went to the event for the first time and took his parents to also see the event. The boy likes reading about Pirates and was looking for a series that became animated. “He came to look at the books and we took the opportunity to visit the Fair”, commented embroiderer Luciane de Brito Kurz, Nicolas’ mother.

Also around children’s books, Raquel Farias was waiting for the choices of her daughter Isabela Farias, 7. “She already knows how to read and likes both story books and activity books”, she says. The family usually attends the event and this year could not be any different.

The housewife confessed that she is not a very avid reader and that Isabela is more encouraged to read at school, but even so Raquel had her eye on some books. “We don’t have much of a reading habit, but they (Isabela and her 17-year-old sister, who was taking the Enem) really like reading. The teenager prefers virtual books. I like cookery books more, I’ll give it a try look.”

Movement pleases booksellers

After a week of heavy rain, booksellers were happy with the bright day and blue skies. “This week was slow, yesterday it got a little better and today it’s better”, commented bookseller Fábio Plamer, from Vício do Saber. At Plamer’s stand, the biggest movement is around children’s books.

“Today it’s booming, especially since we have some good releases, like the autograph by Rio native Eduardo Spohr, which is a fantasy book that people read a lot. It caters to both young and adult audiences”, says bookseller André de Souza, from Feito de Letras.

Souza comments that the first days of the event, which began on October 26th, were worrying because of the rain, but on sunny days, the movement has compensated. Among the best-selling books at the stand are The Midnight Library, by Matt Haig, and the launch Conversa na sala, by Martha Medeiros, an author who will be at the Fair on the 11th of this month.


Monday (6)

6pm – Pelotense Literary Center (Annual Collection of the Pelotense Literary Center); Vilma Avila Vianna (Garimpando haiku) and Tiago Perdigão (Verses adverse)

Miscellaneous Activities

9am/12pm – 1:30pm/5pm – Literary Bus, from Bibliotheca Pública Pelotense Bibliocantos

2pm – School presentations, at the Cultural Tent

2pm – Grupo Malv Oficina de Malabares, in the Children’s Tent

3pm/4pm – Malv Story Time Group and presentation of the play Three little Pigsat the Cultural Tent

7pm – Fernanda Chidem – Sicredi – Making choices with my money, at the Children’s Tent

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