check out highlights for this Sunday

check out highlights for this Sunday
check out highlights for this Sunday

This Sunday, November 5th, marks ten days of operation for the 69th Porto Alegre Book Fair. As this year the schedule foresees 20 days, we are already halfway through the event.

So far, the number of people who have passed through Praça da Alfândega is pleasing the exhibitors. Even on rainy days, renowned writers attracted readers who filled the spaces where lectures and chats were held, like the neuroscientist and biologist Sidarta Ribeiro on October 30th.

Last Thursday, the Petrobras Carlos Urbim Space was also too small for the number of people who wanted to attend “Inspiring Conversations”, with Itamar Vieira Junior and Jeferson Tenório, Jabuti Prize-winning writers, at a table mediated by Nathallia Protazio. There were people who stayed outside the space, listening standing up and under umbrellas so as not to miss the debate. The two signed autographs right after the panel, at 7pm, and their sessions also attracted a large audience, forming long queues.

Schedule for this Sunday, November 5th

In addition to the autograph sessions, this Sunday’s free program features conversations and debates. One of them is the 6th Meeting of Literary Influencers and Followers, which will be held at Arena Jovem Banrisul Vero, in Praça da Alfândega, from 2pm to 6pm. Aimed at young audiences, it will feature Gih Alves and Iris Figueiredo. Coordination is by Tamirez Santos and Joice Cardoso.

At the Barbosa Lessa Auditorium at Espaço Força e Luz (Rua dos Andradas, 1223), at 4pm, there will be a debate on “Challenges of Contemporary Criticism”, which proposes reflections on literary criticism, with Regina Dalcastagnè and Ricardo Barberena as participants.

Also at Espaço Força e Luz, at 6pm, the musical show “Casa” will be held, with Simone Rasslan and Madalena Rasslan. The show aims to expand the idea of ​​physical space by problematizing the place where we live as a poetic space, creating a tenuous balance in the relationship between public and private.

Another musical attraction at the Fair, at Espaço Petrobras Carlos Urbim, also takes place at 6pm. It’s “Pampa Piano”, with Bethy Krieger (piano) and Demétrio Xavier (voice and guitar), with a repertoire taken from the platinum songbook, with chacareras, milongas and other rhythms.


Among some of the autograph sessions taking place this Sunday, at the Gerdau Autograph Square, one can highlight at 3pm, “Espelho”, by André Severo (publisher Bestiário), and “Maria Discoveru que Podia”, by Débora Porto (Polifonia ).

At 4pm, on the 1st floor of Memorial do RS, the collection “Moda Alegre” will be launched by the Série Mulheres label of the publisher Leader. The book is coordinated by Andréia Roma, Tainá Vidal and Sirley Carvalho.

The 69th Porto Alegre Book Fair continues until November 15, 2023, from 10am to 8pm.

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