Childhood reading! Which book is recommended for each age?

Childhood reading! Which book is recommended for each age?
Childhood reading! Which book is recommended for each age?
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24 jan
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Introducing reading into children’s lives is an excellent way to stimulate oral language, imagination and creativity. Doctors even recommend reading as a way to promote integral child development.

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According to the booklet “Recipe One Book”gives Brazilian Society of Pediatrics (SBP)launched in 2016, reading in childhood brings numerous benefits to children’s lives:

  • Strengthens the bond with family members;
  • Develops attention, concentration, vocabulary, memory and reasoning;
  • Assists in developing empathy and helps children deal with feelings;
  • Helps minimize aggressive and hyperactive behaviors;
  • Helps in good quality sleep.

But which book is suitable for each age group? For parents who intend to introduce the habit of reading into their little one’s routine, it is important to choose a title that is appropriate for their child’s age.

To help parents in this choice, the children’s reading club reader indicates the most suitable type for each age.

Up to 3 years

Newborn babies still don’t have a well-defined vision. At this stage, the baby’s interest is piqued by new textures, colors, sounds and the voice of the person telling the story.

One of the ways is to interact with the little ones when reading is to imitate the sounds and see their reaction.

From 9 years

The almost pre-adolescents, 9 and 10 year olds, are already starting to be interested in more complex themes, with deeper narratives.

In this way, comics that tell superhero stories or fantasy books are great reading suggestions for children in this age group.

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