Dedicated to the public cause, he was a fan of books and gastronomy – 01/24/2023 – Daily life

Dedicated to the public cause, he was a fan of books and gastronomy – 01/24/2023 – Daily life
Dedicated to the public cause, he was a fan of books and gastronomy – 01/24/2023 – Daily life

Organization, care and integrity. These words portrayed the meaning of João Octaviano Machado Neto’s public and personal life. “He took the public manager’s gaze into the house”, says businessman Marcelo André Machado, 32, one of his sons.

A civil engineer graduated from the Mauá School of Engineering, João Octaviano made a career in public administration. He worked in urban transport, logistics, housing and new technologies.

In his last position, he was State Secretary for Logistics and Transport of São Paulo, in the João Doria and Rodrigo Garcia governments (2019 to 2022).

Doria mourned the death of João Octaviano. “A warrior who was at the head of the Secretariat of Transport during our tenure in the City Hall and in the Government of SP. Among many achievements, he leaves the duplication of Tamoios as a legacy”, he wrote on his social networks.

Former governor Rodrigo Garcia also spoke out. “Broad smile. Solidarity with friends. Today, we lost João Octaviano, an engineer dedicated to the public cause. He fought hard for his life. Rest in peace, my friend.”

João Octaviano dedicated himself to managing Logistics and Transport until December 27, the last day of work. Almost a month later, on January 22nd, he died of multiple organ failure. He was 64 years old and had been treating cancer since he was 60.

There are other important passages in the curriculum. He was president of CET (Companhia de Engenharia de Tráfego) in 2017, and as municipal secretary of Mobility and Transport until the end of 2018.

João Octaviano was the executive secretary of the Public-Private Partnership Program for Housing and twice the president of Prodam, the state technology company.

The engineer also chaired the AACD (Association for Assistance to Disabled Children).

In the academic area, he taught urban planning, information technology and crisis management at the Mauá School of Engineering, the same one where he graduated.

João Octaviano was born in São Paulo. As a child, he often went to Jardim Suarão, in Itanhaém (106 km from São Paulo). He grew up passionate about sports. He had a black belt in karate and had a black and white heart, like every Corinthian.

Since 1984 he was married to business administrator Clarice Farah André Machado.

A house full of family and friends made him happy. A fan of whiskey and gastronomy, he dominated the kitchen and was full of talent. Octopus rice and fettuccine with pepperoni ragu were two of his specialties.

In his spare time, he also traveled with books. He became an aficionado of the history of warfare, particularly World War II.

“Family, public life and work were the main gears of my father’s life. The legacy he left makes us proud and warm. With integrity throughout his life, he always found a solution for everything, he knew the path and where he wanted to go My father fulfilled a beautiful mission. He touched and changed the lives of many people”, says Marcelo.

João Octaviano Machado Neto is survived by his wife, three children, a son-in-law, a daughter-in-law, two granddaughters and a brother.

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