True Crime Anatomy of Films, a dossier for movie fans

True Crime Film Anatomy brings the real stories that inspired successful films in cinema. The book presents a chronological list of criminal cases, drawing parallels with adaptations that went down in history, such as Diabolic Feast and Anatomy of a Crime.

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For those interested in cinema and criminology, the book is a highly recommended reading, as it presents a vast research on some of the main villains in the history of the seventh art.

Check out the video below for more curiosities about this edition, written by Harold Schechter and released in Brazil by Darkside Books.

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Title: True Crime Film Anatomy
Author: Harold Schechter
Translation: Eduardo Alves
Pages: 416
Publishing company: Darkside Books
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SYNOPSIS – The shocking true stories behind cinema’s most memorable crimes What do films so different from each other, like Billy Wilder’s Blood Pact, Don Siegel’s Relentless Pursuit, and Nick Cassavetes’ Alpha Dog, have in common? All of them were inspired by true stories. In Anatomia True Crime dos Filmes, a new work by the Crime Scene brand, historian Harold Schechter – author of Anatomy of Evil – profiles psychopaths, serial killers, gangsters, sadists, lynchers and young school shooters who shocked the world and influenced classic works. of world cinema. The Assassins in Alfred Hitchcock’s A Devil’s Feast; the Jazz Age crimes of passion in Chicago by Rob Marshall; the terrible child killer, in the German classic M – The Vampire of Düsseldorf, by Fritz Lang; the school horrors committed by the ghostface serial killer in Wes Craven’s Scream and by the teenage terrorists in Gus Van Sant’s Elephant. These and other cinematic crimes have become part of pop culture history. And each found inspiration from real events that provided the raw material for some of the biggest blockbusters, as well as independent films, macabre comedies, Hollywood classics and gore horror. True Crime Film Anatomy helps to contextualize the fascination that couple Bonnie and Clyde, body snatchers Burke and Hare, duo Leopold and Loeb, and psychopath Ed Gein, among many others, exerted to fixate on the public’s imagination and become a fertile source of inspiration for the cinematographic tradition. The work also unravels the reality behind established works such as Hitchcock’s Psycho; Murder on the Orient Express, by Sidney Lumet; The Fugitive, by Andrew Davis; and Anatomy of a Crime, by Otto Preminger. The quality of Harold Schechter’s research and writing is already known to darksiders, thanks to the bestsellers Serial Killers: Anatomy of Evil, HH Holmes: The Evil One ― The White City Psychopath, Lady Killers Profile: Belle Gunness and, more recently, , for the screenplay for the graphic novel Ed Gein, illustrated by Eric Powell. In this collection of revealing articles, Schechter takes a fascinating journey through a crossroads of fact and fiction where he reveals that some real stories are more shocking and fantastical than even the most imaginative screenwriter could dream of. Caveira invites you to this macabre movie session.

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