Kiko Ferreira launches anthology, which includes an unpublished book, this Saturday

Journalist, broadcaster, poet and music critic Kiko Ferreira had just released the book “Manual de Berros” when the quarantine began, imposed by the pandemic of the new coronavirus. “I had to cancel several launches that were scheduled and stay at home,” he recalls. With that, he began to read and reread a lot of poetry, and to revise some drafts. “Then I saw that I had material for a new book. I made some unpublished poems that reflect the current moment. But the kick-off was when I was selected in a public notice by Instituto Itaú Cultural for poems written during the pandemic,” he says. The poem chosen, “Pós Calypso”, gives the title to the unpublished book that he launches this Saturday, at Livraria Scriptum.

In fact, the work is part of the anthology “Tempo Diverso”, launched by the publisher Scriptum, which also includes the books “Cordiana” (1982), “Belo Blue” (1987), “Cio in September” (1989), “Beijo Noir ” (1996), “Solo de Kalimba” (2003), “Stet” (2007), “Musikaligrafia” (2009) and “Pó de Pedra” (2013), in addition to the aforementioned “Manual de Berros” (2020).

The initiative for this collection also emerged during the pandemic. “During this period, I was fortunate to participate in several classes with students from some universities. In these online conversations, I touched on old topics and facts and saw that most didn’t know many references. And that even those who knew something about my literature weren’t born when I released the first books. Then I decided to re-edit all of them so that they are available to the younger ones”, he states.

Returning to “Pos Calypso”, Kiko says that the poems reflect a lot the dialogues he had during the quarantine, the posts of various WhatsApp groups and, especially, the series of lives in which he participated, with artists such as Zeca Baleiro, Toninho Horta, Monica Salmaso and many others. “It’s a series of interviews about literature that I did at the invitation of the Karmim label, the dear and tireless Carminha Guerra”, adds Kiko Ferreira.

Challenged to highlight some of the poems from the most recent bundle, he starts with “Pos Calypso”, “which starts from the principle of what he could have done during the quarantine”. Another, which, he says, was the last to be made, is “Prova dos Dez”. “A playful exercise on words that radically change their meaning with the prefix ‘des’. At one point, it even became a game, a game between friends,” he says.

And also “Light Candles”, which he made one night when the electricity went out. “I wrote it with candlelight, while having a wine and after reading the book ‘You Get So Alone Sometimes It Even Makes Sense’, by Charles Bukowski”.


Place. Scriptum Livraria (Rua Fernandes Tourinho 99, Savassi)
When. Saturday, from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm
How much. The book, with 253 pages, will be sold at R$ 59. The event is free.

The article is in Portuguese

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