8 books published after the death of their authors

Certainly, every writer dreams of someday being recognized for his work – and, who knows, becoming the author of a classic book. But be aware that there are several important works that were only published posthumously, that is, after the death of their authors, who had no chance of enjoying their laurels.

In this text, we present 8 books by 4 authors that were only published after they were no longer around.

1. Anne Frank’s diaryby Anne Frank (1947)

(Source: Anne Frank Organization)

It is likely that Anne Frank’s diary be the best-known posthumous book in history. It is based on the pages of young Anne Frank’s diary. At the age of 13, the Jewish teenager was given a blank diary where she recounted how her life was with her family, with whom she had to take refuge in an annex in Amsterdam, to hide from Nazi persecution.

She wrote about her days for two years. One day, she heard on the radio the Dutch politician Gerrit Bolkestein asking citizens to keep the war diaries they had at home so that they could record what that period had been like. Anne then got excited about maybe publishing her diary.

She wrote the last text on August 1, 1944. Three days later, all the residents of the annex were discovered and arrested. Later, her writings were found by a secretary of her father, Otto. She returned the original to Otto, the family’s only survivor in the concentration camp. Otto managed to publish his daughter’s diary in 1947, two years after she died in Auschwitz.

two. Northanger Abbey and sanditon by Jane Austen (1817 and 1925)

(Source: DW)

Northanger Abbey it was the first work by Jane Austen to be accepted by a publisher. This was in 1799, but the book was only published a few months after her death, which occurred in 1817, when she was just 41 years old.

At the time of Jane Austen’s death, she was working on a book called sanditonwhich was only published more than a century later, in 1925. In Brazil, the work was edited within a book, The Unfinished Novels, which contains the tales sanditon and The Watsons.

3. The series millenniumby Stieg Larsson (2005-2019)

(Source: The Globe)(Source: The Globe)

Swedish journalist Stieg Larsson began writing his series of books in 2002, in which he addressed, among other subjects, violence against women. Turns out he died in 2004, before any of the books had been published.

Larsson planned to write 10 books, but he had only written 3 before he died. The first was called The Men Who Didn’t Love Women. then came The Girl Who Played with Fireand finallyThe Queen of Air Castle. After his death, they became the trilogy. millenniumwere published and adapted for film and sold over 80 million copies.

It was so successful that it was decided to continue the series. Journalist David Lagercrantz and author Karin Smirnoff were asked to continue the series.

4. The castle and The processby Franz Kafka (1925 and 1926)

(Source: InfoEscola)(Source: InfoEscola)

Czech writer Franz Kafka was working as an insurance agent when he died of tuberculosis in 1924 at age 40. He only wrote in his spare time. Interestingly, none of his novels were published while he was still alive. Only a few novels, like The Metamorphosis (1915), had ended up in publishing houses.

His manuscripts remained in the hands of his friend Max Brod. But bewildered: Kafka had left his work to him with the instruction to destroy it. Luckily, Brod did not comply and published his books, which soon became classics.

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