10 Books That Are Hot on TikTok

Published in: 09/22/2022
Last update: 09/22/2022

One of the most famous niches on TikTok these days is BookTok. It is, basically, a large community of readers who exchange recommendations, reviews and impressions of books of all genres. In fact, this community is responsible for the sales success of some titles, such as “It’s the way it ends”, by writer Collen Hoover. To stay on top of the most famous books, check out this list of 10 books that are grooving on TikTok!

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1. Evelyn Hugo’s 7 Husbands

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Evelyn Hugo, one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, approaching 80 years old, decides to finally tell all about her life filled with glamour, scandals and seven husbands. Surprising everyone, including the journalist herself, she chooses the unknown Monique Grant to write her story.

2. Circus

circus book cover
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Circe is a strange little girl. Shifted between gods and her peers, the titans, she seeks company in the world of men, where she finally discovers she possesses the power of sorcery. She is capable of turning her rivals into monsters and of terrorizing the gods themselves. Feeling threatened, Zeus decides to banish her to a desert island, where Circe improves her witch skills, taming dangerous beasts and crossing paths with the most famous figures in all of Greek mythology.

3. Both die in the end

book cover both die in the end
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Shortly after midnight on September 5, Mateo Torrez and Rufus Emeterio receive a call from Death Central. The news is devastating: they will die that very day. The two don’t know each other, but they are looking for a friend to share their last moments with, a true connection that will help to lessen a little the anguish and loneliness they feel. Luckily, there’s an app for that, and it’s thanks to it that Rufus and Mateo will meet for one last great adventure: living a lifetime in a single day.

4. The ugly side of love

book cover the ugly side of love
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When Tate Collins moves into her brother’s apartment in San Francisco, she’s ready to pursue her master’s degree in nursing and doesn’t think she’s about to discover the ugly side of love. A relationship in which companionship and complicity are not priorities. And sex seems to be the only goal.

5. Shadow and Bones

Shadow and Bones book cover
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Sinister forces conspire against Alina after the young woman reveals a power capable of uniting their world. Because of this, she is sent to the Palace to be trained as a member of a group of warriors with extraordinary abilities, the Grishas. Under the care of the Darkling, the most powerful Grisha of all, Alina will have to learn to handle her newfound powers, navigate the dangerous intrigues of the court and survive threats from all sides.

6. Girl in pieces

girl in pieces book cover
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When her mother’s health plan suspends her psychiatric treatment at a clinic she went to after cutting herself to near death, Charlotte Davis leaves icy Minneapolis for sunny Tucson, Arizona, to try to overcome her fears and disappointments. But she ends up getting involved with a series of not-very-inspiring types. Tired of suffering, the young woman is imbued with an enormous strength of will and decides to live and not survive anymore. To escape the vicious circle of pain, Charlotte uses her talent for drawing and focuses on something productive, embarking on the world of the arts.

7. The song of Achilles

book cover of the song of achilles in tiktok
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Patroclus and Achilles developed an intense relationship after growing up together. Until their idyllic life is interrupted by the news that Helen of Sparta has been kidnapped and that Greek men must leave for Troy in order to free her. Based on Homer’s Iliad, this is a story about the power of love and the force of fate. And also of the great battles between gods and kings, of peace and glory, of eternal fame and the secrets of the human heart.

8. Sun and Storm

book cover sun and storm pumping on tiktok
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In the long-awaited sequel to Shadow and Bones, Alina and Mal must escape the Darkling’s clutches after their terrifying confrontation at Shadowbending. In this frantic flight, the Sun Summoner must run for her life and the fate of her country. In turn, the Darkling is more powerful and determined than ever. He will spare no effort to find Alina and conquer Ravka’s throne. The siege is closing.

9. Ninth House

ninth house book cover
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Alex arrives in New Haven tasked by her mysterious benefactors with monitoring the activities of Yale’s secret societies. Its eight windowless tombs are the places most frequented by the rich and powerful. She will discover that her hidden activities in these places are more sinister and extraordinary than any paranoid imagination could ever imagine. They dabble in dark magic, raise the dead, and sometimes torment the living.

10. The love hypothesis

book cover of the love hypothesis in tiktok
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When a fake courtship between scientists meets the irresistible force of attraction, all carefully calculated theories about love are put to the test. Olive Smith, a PhD student in Biology at Stanford University, believes in science — not something uncontrollable like love. Upon realizing that her best friend likes the guy she went out with, she decides to hook them up. As she needs to be convincing, she invents a fake relationship and kisses the first man she sees. But without first realizing he is Adam Carlsen, a young teacher known for bringing students to tears. So Olive is shocked when he agrees to carry on the ruse and pretend to be her boyfriend.

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