Beyond the Magic: Tom Felton to Release Book About His Time in Harry Potter

Tom Felton is turning 35 this Thursday (22/9) and has a gift for his fans in the area. The actor, known for his role as Draco Malfoy, will soon release a book in which he will tell more about what it was like growing up working in Harry Potter and some backstage secrets – which we love, don’t we? <3

Beyond Magic: The Charm and Chaos of Growing Up a Wizard It will launch worldwide on October 18th, but pre-orders are now available on Amazon. By the way, whoever guarantees the book in the first edition, will win an exclusive poster as a gift. So, here’s the tip!

“Tom Felton’s adolescence was anything but ordinary”, so begins the description of the work. “With his good humor and captivating writing, Tom shares what it was like growing up in the wizarding world while trying to make his way in the muggle world.” Check out these references, potterheads! Hahaha <3

The plot will tell more about Tom’s life on and off the screen, as well as stories about the shooting of all HP’s films and even his relationship with co-workers – who are his great friends to this day. While the book is not released, here is its official cover by Buzz Editora:

Beyond Magic cover
Beyond the Magic cover Buzz Publisher/Disclosure

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