Iron Widow, by Xiran Jay Zhao, will be adapted for the cinema

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O best seller of New York Times iron widow is about to receive a movie adaptation. The story written by Xiran Jay Zhao will be adapted by picturestart and according to Varietydetails on the production of this novel and science fiction are still being worked out.

With an interesting premise that goes out of the ordinary in novels, iron widow became a bestseller and, recently, the production company picturestart in Erik Feig acquired the rights to the adaptation and has already designated a name to be responsible for the script: JC Leewho worked in The Morning Show and With love, Victor. In addition to Feig, we have Jessica Switch and Julia Hammer producing out Samie Kim Falveywho will executive produce the plot.

It is worth remembering that the novel entered the list of best sellers for 41 weeks and received official translation for 14 languages. Much of this success was due to its popularization on platforms and social networks, such as TikTok, what led him to win BSFA 2021 Award for Best Book for Young Readersin addition to Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Award it’s the Barnes & Noble Children’s & YA Book Awards.

The book Viúva de Ferro, which was published in Brazil by the publisher Intrinseca.

The story takes place in the world of huaxiawhere an alien invasion begins and humanity’s only hope is the Chrysalis: giant robots that need two pilots (a man and a woman) to be commanded. Fatefully, women end up dying much more than men, as it has its vital energy absorbed by them.

It is on this premise that we know Zetian, an 18-year-old girl who offers to be one of the pilots, but her real intention is just one: revenge! Your goal is kill the pilot who was responsible for death of your sister. As the plot progresses, Zetian is considered a threat to the statebut it can also be everyone’s only salvation.

There is still no date set for the start of production on a film. Despite that, the Variety indicates that the producer’s intention is to create a franchise based on the literary work.

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