From books to photo albums, historical objects taken from Clube Caixeiral undergo recovery

A few days ago, archivists, historians and students at the Federal University of Santa Maria (UFSM) work on the selection of historical materials that were kept at Clube Caixeiral until August of this yearWhen were relocated to the José Garibaldi Pogetti Multiple Activities Center, Bombrildue to the removal of the roof of the club.

Covered in dust and mold, documents and books that make up a large bibliographic collection undergo a screening so that archivists can understand the state and, later, carry out a delicate cleaning with a brush, a kind of brush, and deionized water with alcohol vinegar.

According to the professor of the Department of Archival Science at UFSM, Fernanda Pedrazzi, the work should last about three months. The objective is to identify documents and books so that they can have a new destination.

– The amount of material is quite large. Right now, we are working with documents and books. We need to recognize what we can rescue from adopted techniques and what there is no way to restore. That’s why the biggest concern is with the club’s administrative documents, which are unique – explains.

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The state of some materials is a matter of concern for archivists such as Jorge Cruz, a professor who also works in the selection and cleaning of objects. Among the finds, he found an architectural plan of an expansion project for Clube Caixeiral and a 1918 membership book:

– We are dealing with centenary materials that tell a lot about the history of Santa Maria. But due to poor storage, much was lost. Here, we find photos of the city’s carnivals, debutante balls, historical books and literary classics.

During the work, Professor Sônia Constante took the opportunity to show the students of the Archival how the solution of deionized water with alcohol vinegar acts on the mold of objects. With a cotton ball and delicate movements, the cover of a book began to be revealed with the cleaning.

– The biggest challenge is that we are working with historical items, that is, if normally we are already careful with handling and treatment, now our attention needs to be redoubled. The objects have been here for a month and the humidity is still very present because they already came with a lot of mold, a lot of microorganisms. But, with some techniques we can reveal and understand what it is about – emphasizes Sônia.

Student Natália Alana da Costa is in the 4th semester of the Archivology course and participates in the discipline of Archive, Memory and Heritage. She says that the work done with documents and objects is a way of learning in practice:

– It is gratifying to be able to see everything that was stored in the club. In archival science, we deal a lot with materials from people who have died, so it is also a great responsibility to handle this collection. We are dealing with the history of the city, with moments that were important in the lives of thousands of people.

To help with the work regarding the recognition and cataloging of literary titles that are in the process of recovery, Nelson de Medeiros and Juliana Belfort, employees of the Henrique Bastides Municipal Public Library, also participated in the activity. Nelson’s family used to attend Clube Caixeiral parties.

– We were present when the materials were removed from the Club and we were delighted with the literary classics in the collection. It is an honor to be able to help recover some of the materials because much of the history of families in Santa Maria is told through these documents – celebrates Nelson.

Trophies, paintings, photo albums and even telephone directories are also part of the collection. of salvaged historical objects. According to the Ministry of Culture, there is still no definition on the destination of the material after the selection and cleaning work. For now, the materials will remain in the Multiple Activities Center.

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