Student becomes “book eater” and influences people by reading

Student becomes “book eater” and influences people by reading
Student becomes “book eater” and influences people by reading

The law student and digital influencer Jhenefer Morcidlo Turkot24 years old, created a space in his Instagramin 2018, to talk about their experiences with the reading. One “bookstagram“. She just didn’t expect so much engagement during these four years of posting. There are photos of books, tours of bookstores and reading recommendations followed by almost 23 thousand profiles.

Space is a refuge for her. More than that, because of him the young influencer won a scholarship to spend a semester in Portugal, in Europe, and also partnerships with several publishers. There was even a curiosity with the Drummond family. the project of Tribune “Inspir-Ação: Influencing people for good” elected her as one of the five influencers who make a difference in social networks with good attitudes. Would you like to read and be inspired?

Dive into literature

Jhenefer was born in Itaiópolis (SC) and spent most of her life in Araucaria, metropolitan region of Curitiba. Then he moved to Assis Chateaubriand, in western Paraná. As soon as he finished high school, he passed Law at the Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul (UFMS). Now, she lives in Três Lagoas (MS) with her partner, eight cats and a dog. “I haven’t been a book reader since forever. I come from a very simple family and I didn’t have that stimulus in childhood. The habit of reading came only in college”, she says.

The influencer began to read the subjects that interested her and, when she saw it, she was already buying many books and reading about ten titles a month. The readings were added to the young woman’s personal taste. Her family, although not in the habit of reading to her, always encouraged her to participate in art projects. “I did ballet, theater and even circus.

I’ve always liked to photograph, too, so I started posting photos of these books on my Instagram in 2018. With that, I saw that people started to get interested, message me asking what I thought of the books, if I indicated, etc. It didn’t take long, I started writing reviews and getting into this world of bookstagram”, he reveals.

When it started, the influencer had about 6,000 followers, which now exceed 22,000. “During that time, the numbers were growing very fast, from 6,000 to 10,000 and that encouraged me a lot to continue”, he explains. In 2019, she started to receive boxes and boxes of books from publishers all over Brazil. Among them, Companhia das Letras, Nova Fronteira, Record, among others. “I read the books and share,” she says.

Soon, she realized that she needed a different name for the project and the, because of a cartoon that his brother watched as a child. “Dr. Toy. She fixed the toys and I thought the idea might be cool and it stuck”, recalls Jhenefer.

Soon came the first book club, a project for participants to read for a year only classics written by women. It was a success! “We were more than 100 people from all over Brazil, every week talking virtually about books. In the pandemic, book accounts were even more prominent, as people were reading more at home. That’s when we reached 20,000 people on”, he highlights.

It was through books and UFMS that she got a scholarship to spend a semester in Portugal. “As I couldn’t afford the trip, I made a virtual vakinha and the account’s followers promptly helped me and I got the money. I was also invited to work with publisher Coerência on social media for a while, and I also worked with Regina Drummond, author and niece of Carlos Drummond de Andrade”, she reveals.

A curious story with Drummond? “It was no big deal, really. She was an author at the publishing house I was working at and needed someone to take care of her social media for a while. So she hired me for two months. She lives in Germany, it was all online,” she says.

Through the networks, the influencer has already done book donation projects, raffles and collective readings, reading clubs of the most varied genres and lives with major publishers. And the law in the midst of it all. “It’s something quite separate from my life in the books. They are two different Jhenefers. One who studies law and works on the forum. Another completely different one, who reads a lot of literature and acts as an ‘influencer’. I put books as a hobby, it’s something I love to do”, she jokes. is her corner of refuge, where she tries to follow a color palette that brings comfort. “These are people who are there and are interested in the same subject as me. As for being an influencer or blogger, honestly, I never liked those terms, because they are often used pejoratively by most people. But, yes, I believe that in these years dedicating myself to books, I managed to influence some people to start reading, to lose their fear of classics and national literature”, she reflects.

The routine of life with Instagram, combined with work and studies, has become demanding. Jhenefer has an active book club and a new one that has open spots, in which the reading will be the complete work of Shakespeare. Clubs normally open with 40 seats. She also conducts research in Human Rights and is a Scientific Initiation Scholar from UFMS.

Jhenefer discovered the passion for reading as an adult. Photo: Personal Archive

life in Portugal

The trip to Europe, in Portugal, “was wonderful”, according to the influencer. Jhenefer also visited France and visited bookstores there. She said that she went through many “perrengues”, but it was worth it because traveling to Europe was always a dream.

She visited Livraria Lello, considered one of the most beautiful in the world, visited second-hand bookstores and old bookstores and had the opportunity to go to Café Magestic, which carries the myth of being one of the places where writer JK Rowling was inspired to write Harry’s passages. Potter, when, aged 25, the writer lived in the city of Porto, from 1991 to 1993.

“There, it was very busy. I read little, but I managed to finish the work “Virgens Suicidas” and started the work “Os Maias”, by Eça de Queiroz, Portuguese author of classical literature. The food is also different. I ate more fast food or ready-to-eat meals. But I fell in love with the famous pastel de nata and port wine”, he celebrates.

Reading Diary

Like any good reader, Jhenefer keeps a reading diary, in which I write down all the books she reads during the month. But as she started booking in 2020, she doesn’t remember exactly how many books she’s read. However, in 2021, she says she broke her own record with 83 books read in the year.

The five books she thinks everyone should read are:

  • Capitães de Areia, by Jorge Amado;
  • Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre;
  • Little Women, by Louisa May Alcott;
  • The Phantom Ballerina, by Socorro Acioli (it was the book that introduced her to the world of reading and she is very fond of it);
  • The Harry Potter saga.

“I love Harry Potter. He appeared to me through the saga that was the turning point in my life: Twilight. Twilight is something I’m a huge fan of to this day. Although the most cultured people and readers of classics have a certain prejudice with the work, I always made a point of talking about how much I like it and how important it was to me, although I even lost followers for it. My Instagram focuses on classic literature, that’s what I like, but I recognize the importance of these books made for teenagers. Both Harry Potter and Twilight created two generations of readers.

Her love for Harry Potter came when she saw the movie Goblet of Fire, in which Twilight actor Robert Pattinson played Cedric Diggory. “I first saw the movies, because at the time I couldn’t afford to buy the books, but as soon as I watched everything I became a fan and got the books as a gift. Porto was a city that in many ways inspired the creation of Harry’s world, this also told a lot to make my trip there magical”, concludes Jhenefer.

Next Tuesday, starting at 19 pm, we will do a LIVE with Jhenefer and Ana Paula Teixeira, from the GRPCOM Institute, to talk about the topic of young people in literature and news consumption. Stay tuned on our social media (Facebook and Instagram) Don’t miss out!

Inspir Project “ACTION”

How to talk to the young audience and spark their interest in the news? Intituto GRPCOM and Tribuna do Paraná teamed up to research trends and bring together a group of five digital influencers to provoke thought, reflection and action.

Research shows that young people aged between 16 and 24 are increasingly using social networks as the main means of socialization, information and awareness. Through five digital influencers from the areas of reading, financial education, environment, sustainability and inclusion – contemporary cross-cutting themes at BNCC – we intend to “talk” to these young people, using an accessible and open language for interaction.

The project also intends to contribute against disinformation, helping young people to seek information from reliable sources, differentiating facts from opinions.

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