Marcia Tiburi presents the first plastic arts exhibition in Paris

Marcia Tiburi presents the first plastic arts exhibition in Paris
Marcia Tiburi presents the first plastic arts exhibition in Paris
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Paloma Varon, from RFI Philosopher, writer and now plastic artist Marcia Tiburi presents her first solo exhibition in France, which will be on display at the town hall of the 10th arrondissement of Paris until October 30th. “Terradorada” is Marcia Tiburi’s perspective on Brazil 200 years after its Independence and on her exile trajectory.

Outside Brazil since 2018, when she started having to walk around with security guards for receiving death threats, Marcia Tiburi explains that “Terradorada” is a pun: it is the beloved land of the National Anthem and the golden land. “While I was doing research on colonization, and from whose research came the book ‘Complexo de vira-lata: analysis of Brazilian humiliation’, I was also working with this visual production. of the same project”, says Tiburi, former candidate for the government of Rio de Janeiro for the PT (Partido dos Trabalhadores), in 2018.

The artist began to develop this work while still in Brazil, but it took shape after her exile, after the elections that year. “The exhibition is organized based on this journey of my life as an exile and, at the same time, on the pictorial and imagery relationships between the signs that emerge in the process. all these signs. They are the subjects of my philosophical repertoire that begin to appear in symbolic, pictorial form”, he emphasizes, to RFI.

Artistic side has always existed

Marcia, who is best known in Brazil as a writer and philosopher, says that she has always been a designer and illustrator – she just didn’t focus on the arts, as she does now. She has degrees in philosophy and fine arts.

“I’ve always drawn, my whole life. One of the works that is on display here is a showcase that brings my sketchbooks. I’ve always written and drawn at the same time. Even some of the novels I’ve published have my illustrations”, he recalls, remembering that he illustrated three children’s books.

“When I left Brazil, as I was very lonely, with a lot of time, I went back to drawing with the greatest naturalness. It wasn’t strange at all”, he says.

Before coming to live in France, the writer and artist spent time in the United States, at the invitation of a foundation created to receive persecuted and threatened writers from various countries around the world.

Patron Henry Reese created the City of Asylum, inspired by Salman Rushdie, when the British writer received a death sentence from Ayataloah Khomeini in 1989 after the publication of the book “The Satanic Verses”, released a year earlier.

Reese was with Rushdie when he was stabbed in New York state on August 12, and he was also stabbed, less seriously than the British writer.

“I received thousands of death threats and was the target of a smear campaign that started in early 2018 and I supported it throughout 2018, not least because we didn’t want to give them more space. That’s what they were looking for, with the creation of controversies in everyday life”, Tiburi points out.

“But at the end of 2018, I accepted the invitation of Henry Reese, who had been inviting me since he found out that my book launches were being invaded by the Movimento Brasil Livre (MBL)”, he reports. Marcia says that, even after having security for herself, she began to fear for the lives of the people who went to her book launches in Brazil.

“The attacks on me were naturalized, so I am used as a kind of ‘token’ by the extreme right to produce controversy and hateful engagement. Many candidates use me for this. Bolsonaro has already used me for this, Bolsonaro’s children and several other far-right candidates”, denounces Marcia, who is going to launch a book with the also exiled Jean Wyllys on the subject.


The exhibition’s curator, Samantha Barroero, highlights the show’s role in giving voice to exiles and refugees, in a context of the rise of the extreme right in Brazil, France and in several countries around the world.

“When I saw Marcia’s work, it seemed to me that it was very important for us, here in France, to hear this voice and show the work of a versatile artist, at the same time a writer and a philosopher. One of the first things that caught my attention was the need to talk about a country in the loss and limitation of democracy”, he analyzes.

“That’s why [por esse viés político], I wanted the exhibition to be held at the Paris City Hall. I insisted that this work not be shown in an art gallery, but in a place where we vote, we come to get birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc., a place that represents public life. For me, art is for the people and here we are consistent with that”, says Barroero.

“Marcia’s work is anchored in dialogue”, summarizes the curator, about the dialogues between art, writing and politics, between Brazil and France, present in the exhibition.

Marcia prefers to call her works, in which she uses supports such as canvas, paper, fabrics and embroidery, “pictorial reflections”.

“They are reflexive productions or propositions in the form of paintings. Painting and the arts as a whole are that. Works of art ask us questions, as does philosophy. Works of art, philosophical texts and philosophy classes have this in common. : everyone is always asking us questions”, he says. “And, at the same time, they are inviting us to reflect through a visual impact, a wonder in the face of this mystery that is the work of art that is placed before us”, he evaluates.

The exhibition, which is already on display, will officially open on September 7, with the debate “Brazil, what independence!”. On the same day, Marcia will sign her first novel translated into French, entitled “Sous mes pieds, mon corps”, which in Brazil is called “Under the feet, my whole body” (Record, 2018). In France, it will be published by Nossa Éditions.

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