Total solar eclipse on April 8: unique phenomenon in the sky


An impressive phenomenon promises to cross the sky soon: a total solar eclipse will leave the Pacific Ocean, travel through Mexico, the U.S and the Canada and will end its show over the Atlantic Ocean on April 8th. The moon will block the light, revealing the mysterious atmosphere of the Sun in a precise alignment that will provide a unique spectacle for observers.

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During this phenomenon, the moon positions itself directly in front of the Sun, blocking its bright surface and revealing the ghostly contours of the solar atmosphere. The precision of the alignment results in a narrow band of totality from which the total eclipse can be observed. This month, the strip will be approximately 115 km wide.

Eclipse observation

Partially, the phenomenon will be seen in countries such as Scotland and Ireland | Photo: Disclosure/Pixabay

Outside this range, it is possible to observe a partial eclipse. However, the further away from totality, the smaller the portion of the sun that will be obscured.

Observers on the west coasts of Ireland and Scotland will, for example, be able to glimpse the partial phenomenon, as the Sun will be setting that evening. The total eclipse will only be visible in North America.

To find maps and route information, simply search online for “eclipse track April 8, 2024”. The next such record visible in London, UK, will be a partial eclipse on March 29, 2025.

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