Akira Cravo, photographer who died at 31, praised Bahia in his work

Akira Cravo, photographer who died at 31, praised Bahia in his work
Akira Cravo, photographer who died at 31, praised Bahia in his work

Photographer Akira Cravo, who died at the age of 31 on Monday (13), praised Bahia and the state’s culture in photographs that traveled the world in exhibitions. Akira Cravo was the grandson of the renowned Bahian sculptor Mario Cravo Júnior and son of the famous photographer Mario Cravo Neto and the artist Angela Cunha.

Photographer Akira Cravo poses next to photographs. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Born in Salvador on November 20, 1991, Akira grew up surrounded by art at home. He started photography at the age of 17, when he received a camera in 2008.

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“It was my birthday and I wanted a pair of sunglasses. He gave me a tiny cybershot camera. At the time, I didn’t understand, but that’s what made my intuition emerge, photographing macro nature at his house, at the place where I lived and at my house in Piatã, in Salvador. While he was undergoing cancer treatment, we emailed each other photos and music, which were our passions,” he told Unquiet Magazine.

In 2012 he immersed himself in the colors and flavors of Bahia, visiting popular places such as Feira de São Joaquim, in Salvador, and Bembé do Mercado, which takes place in Santo Amaro, Recôncavo Baiano.

In the same year, Akira had a solo exhibition at the Afro Brazilian Museum in São Paulo where he presented “A Natureza Humana”.

“A dive into the old source of the old land of Bahia, inevitable inspiration, and a long path to be covered by this young photographer, where the inevitable mark of his gaze already appears. Looking at the things in the world around him with talent and inspiration “, said Emanoel Araújo, director and curator of the Afro Brasil Museum, about the exhibition at the time.

He continued with his work being exhibited in the capital of Bahia and in the southeast of the country, until it ended up on TV. In 2018 he participated in the program “Estrelas do Brasil”, with Angélica and Cleo Pires. The following year he had his work exhibited in a Globo soap opera and even photographed Anitta in the singer’s music video.

Death of Akira Cravo

The news of the photographer’s death was confirmed by his brother on social media, but the cause of death was not disclosed.

In a post on social media, Lukas Cravo, Akira’s brother, lamented the death in a note of condolence. “It is with immense regret that we announce the departure of our beloved Akira Cravo”, says the statement.


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