Unpublished drawings by Michelangelo are discovered after 400 years in secret room


In 1975, Paolo Dal Pogetto, current director of the Medici Chapels in Florence, made a stunning discovery that would change the understanding of renaissance art.

While searching for an alternative exit in the museum, Dal Pogetto found a trapdoor hidden under a cupboard, which led to a room often used to store coal.

This discovery revealed not only a hidden space, but also drawings that are believed to be attributed to none other than Michelangelo.

400 years later, unpublished drawings by Michelangelo are discovered

Access to the mysterious room is granted via a narrow staircase, providing a setting worthy of a Renaissance mystery.

When removing the plaster from the walls, Dal Pogetto came across a collection of drawings, created with charcoal and chalk, that had been hidden for decades.

Image: Francesco Fantani/Musei del Bargello/Reproduction

The authenticity of these drawings, however, has become the subject of debate and controversy among art scholars. The discovery triggered an investigation into the possible authorship of these works, which led to intriguing uncertainty.

Some question the likelihood that Michelangelo spent months, especially at the height of his career, in hiding to create these designs.

However, most experts agree that there are signs of the master’s hand in at least some of these works. The aura of mystery surrounding these drawings adds an extra layer of fascination to their rediscovery.

Each stroke of charcoal and chalk offers a window into the mind of one of the greatest Renaissance artists, revealing possible insights into his creative process and exploring themes that may not have previously been associated with Michelangelo.


Image: Francesco Fantani/Musei del Bargello/Reproduction

The revelation of these hidden drawings not only enriches Michelangelo’s artistic legacy, but also sheds light on the complexity and richness of the Renaissance era.

The Medici Chapels, already known for housing immortal masterpieces, now have an intriguing new addition that challenges conventional narratives about the artist.

The debate surrounding the authorship of these drawings continues to fuel the interest and curiosity of scholars and art lovers.

The possibility that Michelangelo left his mark in a hidden space, away from the public eye, adds a dimension of mystery to his already legendary figure.

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