The inauguration of the Ipanema Design District: architecture, design, art and other experiences in one neighborhood. See photos! | Lu Lacerda


Jairo de Sender, Fabio Szwarcwald and Salomão Crosman /Photo: Ari Kaye

Lia Lamego and Aline Araujo /Photo: Ari Kaye

Nando Grabowsky, Patricia Secco and Pedro Guimarães /Photo: Cristina Granato

Beth Vianna Pinto and Flavia Gandelman /Photo: Cristina Granato

Cris and Mariana Halpern /Photo: Ari Kaye

Ivan Rezende and Gisele Taranto /Photo: Ari Kaye

Mauricio Rebelo, Cristina Alho and Gabriela Eloy /Photo: Ari Kaye

Cadé Marino and Natalia Lemos /Photo: Ari Kaye

Bruno, Salomão, Riva and Paulo Crosman /Photo: Ari Kaye

Patricia Quentel and Geraldo Lamego /Photo: Ari Kaye

The couple Beth Capelas and Alex Dias /Photo: Cristina Granato

Simone Roriz and Lilian Monteiro /Photo: Cristina Granato

Alê Teixeira and Carlos Bertão /Photo: Cristina Granato

Ricardo Hachiya with his sisters Virginia and Baby Cunha /Photo: Cristina Granato

Patricia Secco and Caco Borges /Photo: Cristina Granato

Frederico de Assis, member of the choir at Theatro Municipal, sang opera on the sidewalk of Madeirol /Photo: Cristina Granato

This Tuesday (07/11), the Ipanema Design District was launched, an initiative by 27 architecture, decoration and interior design retailers to map the sector’s addresses in the neighborhood, along the lines of the Miami Design District, a success in the American city since 2017.

The guests knew, but the distracted residents were unaware of the reason for several musicians on the sidewalks along the route, a tribute to the birthplace of bossa nova (of course, “The Girl from Ipanema” played). At each address, a specific event took place, as in Madeirol, with the opera singer Frederico de Assis, from the Theatro Municipal choir, singing opera while, inside, the “InPulso” exhibition took place, with pieces by the artist Patricia Secco.

District events run until Saturday (11/11).

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