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With the market on the rise for luxury developments in Espírito Santo, construction companies have invested in exclusive experiences for investors

Published on November 8, 2023 at 2:10 pm

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Coverage of one of the Reserva Vitória units. (Nazca/Disclosure)

If luxury was previously considered extravagant, today it can be silent and subtle. The so-called “quiet luxury” has conquered a large part of the country’s projects and dictated trends, both in the construction and decoration markets.

Conceptually speaking, architect Bruna Rody explains that “quiet luxury” is a behavioral trend “much more based on quality than on impressing or dazzling.”


According to the specialist, now the projection of spaces is tailor-made to meet the client’s needs. This means there is no more, no less and no waste.

“The environments became integrated, allowing use for several activities simultaneously. Today, the important thing is not the size of the apartment, but the right size that meets the client’s lifestyle,” she says.

How the market is going

These demands for subtle luxury have proven to be very heated in Espírito Santo. In the month of August, the third most valued square meter in the country, among the cities monitored by the FipeZap Index, was Vitória, ranking first among the capitals.

The municipality also recorded growth, in the last 12 months, of 7.40% in the value of the average price of residential properties. While the neighboring city, Vila Velha, registered a variation, considering the same period, of 12.10%.

Real estate manager Kleverson Passos explains that both cities concentrate the largest number of high-end properties in the State. However, other municipalities are also attractive to investors, but in other formats.

“In Serra, for example, we have a good market for horizontal condominiums and high-end homes. In the same way we found good offers in the mountains of Espírito Santo and in Guarapari, with outstanding condominiums”, he points out.

Perspectives and launches

According to the commercial director of Grand Construtora, Gustavo Rezende, Espírito Santo has been recognized as one of the addresses with one of the best cost-benefits in Brazil.

“The tendency is for this price to increase in value and get closer to other major real estate markets in the country”, he states.

In fact, the State has also gained international prominence. Considering Grand’s two most recent launches, Una Residence, in Vitória, had 25% of sales to date to investors from outside Espírito Santo. The Taj Home Resort registered 48% of sales to the same buyer profile, with 25% of this number being international investors only.

Hub Imobi explains

Despite being similar terms and having a similar type of audience, “luxury” and “high standard” properties are not synonymous. High-end developments are those that stand out for their privileged location, generally in prime areas and larger floor plans than the most popular types on the market. Luxury properties are focused on concepts of exclusive experiences for residents, technology and projects signed by renowned architects, for example

The CEO of Nazca Incorporadora, Breno Peixoto, highlights that the high-end market triggers a movement in the entire real estate market.

“When a family moves to a high standard, a new one moves into the three-bedroom apartment, another into the two-bedroom apartment, and this way we move the entire used chain”, he observes.

For him, today this market is continuous. Nazca, for example, is pre-selling the third launch of Reserva Vitória, in Enseada do Suá, in Vitória, called Cyan, and also of Soul for Life, in Praia do Canto, with two units per floor, of four suites and areas and between 188m² and 572m².

Among the prominent neighborhoods in the Capital, according to the director of Empar Incorporadora, Camila Menezes, are Praia do Canto, Mata da Praia and Enseada do Suá.

However, there is a scarcity of land, which has caused many construction companies to carefully analyze what to launch and where to launch.

“Other alternatives are emerging in nearby neighborhoods that were previously not as valued or further away, with condominiums or resorts,” explains Camila.

According to her, Golden Barro Vermelho and Alameda 25, both in Vitória, are Empar’s recent launches that are already based on the concept of “quiet luxury”.


Città’s executive director, Roberto Puppim, states that anyone who buys a property of this type wants to feel exclusive.

“We recently had a high-end launch with Arti Design Living. Our standard is four suites with three or four parking spaces and the option of choosing two apartments per floor or a private floor”, he points out.

Hub Imobi translates

“Quiet luxury”, which is understood as silent luxury, is a behavioral trend that has been gaining ground in fashion, architecture and interior design with a focus on sophisticated subtlety and discretion.

Marcos Murad, director of Lopes Imobiliária, highlights that, with the pandemic, people started looking for functional spaces and more reputable developments.

“With each project we launch, we try to add an additional aspect, providing our properties with new features and, therefore, we have very good prospects”, he states.

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