The best course completion works in 2023. Submit yours!

The best course completion works in 2023. Submit yours!
The best course completion works in 2023. Submit yours!

The best course completion works in 2023. Submit yours!

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After at least five years of many sketches, drawings, models, readings and calculations, it is time for Architecture and Urban Planning students to present their final graduation work – often called TCC, TFG or Final Course Project. When choosing the topic, students highlight civil, urban or theoretical projects that, in addition to demonstrating that the student is ready for their training, also have great importance in raising debates about the future of our cities, the built environment, urban infrastructure, mobility and many other fundamental topics to discuss and develop the way we inhabit space.

To complete this work, there is every effort to collect data, research and develop projects to solve major challenges. They are not always properly recognized as they deserve. Therefore, every year we create a call to highlight the best work carried out by students from Portuguese-speaking countries.

So, if you think that your TCC/TFG is relevant and deserves to be known by other students and professionals, pay attention to the notice below and share it with us using the form below.

Take the opportunity to get to know those selected from previous years – 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 – to be even more inspired!


ArchDaily Brasil and the {CURA} course have once again entered into a partnership that will reward the works that are selected in this call with scholarships to complete the complete {CURA} Method* course, which will be taught online.

  • All authors of works selected through this call will have a 40% discount on the indicated course;
  • If the authors are black, transgender, refugee immigrant or scholarship holders (Prouni or Fies Integral), a full 100% scholarship will be provided for the indicated course.

How to participate?

Complete the form located at the end of this article and add the material indicated below to a public Google Drive folder:

  • Photographs, rendered images and/or collages from your course completion work, maximum of 10 files;
  • Drawings of your project (plans, sections, facades, maps, etc.), maximum of 10 files;
  • Brief description (in Portuguese) of the project in up to 200 words.

Our editorial team will be in charge of evaluating the works received and will publish a publication with the selected projects.

Deadline for submitting works

Work must be submitted until November 30, 2023at 11:59 pm (Brasília time).

Any work received after this time will be automatically disqualified.

Shipping format

  • Photographs/rendered images and drawings in .jpg, .jpeg or .png. Images must be at least 2,000px in their smallest dimension and a maximum of 10Mb. PDF files will not be accepted;
  • Project description and image credits in .doc, .docx or Google Docs.

Conditions to participate

  • The project must be of individual or collective authorship, carried out in a Brazilian, Portuguese or any other Portuguese-speaking country architecture school, in the subjects of TFG and TCC (or similar, but which determines the completion of the degree);
  • Sending will be done via Google Drive. Under no circumstances will other formats or means of submission be accepted;
  • Before sharing your work with us, be sure to mark the Google Drive folder as public so that anyone can access and view the files through the link registered in the form;
  • Do not upload compressed files (zip, winrar, etc.), as proposals will be reviewed accordingly. onlinewithout downloading the content;
  • Each participant may submit only one work;
  • This is not an architecture competition, nor will there be classification among the selected works. However, in order to make the selection of works more efficient, proposals that do not meet the conditions described here will be automatically disqualified;
  • Unless specifically indicated, the images sent will have in the credits the indication “Courtesy of author’s name”. If the credits belong to someone else, include this information in a document in the Google Drive folder;
  • By sending material to this call, you declare that you hold the rights to all images and texts, and allow any use of any content, with your credits attributed, on ArchDaily and the platform’s social networks;
  • Once published on ArchDaily, the work cannot be removed from the page;
  • Works completed between October 1, 2022 and November 30, 2023 can participate;
  • The selected works will be published until December 18, 2023.

    * The awarding of scholarships and discounts for the “{CURA} Method Complete Course” is the responsibility of the {CURA} course; who will be responsible for the contact, content and schedule of classes.

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