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The boy, who grew up watching anime, draws characters with the dream of one day making a living from artistic creation

On cardboard, Luiz draws characters he grew up watching. (Photo: Personal archive)

Luiz Paulo Gutterres Batista Oliveira, 22 years old, is fascinated by anime and other productions of Japanese culture. For 2 years and 5 months, he has been working as a cashier at a market in Bairro Santo Antônio, where he uses cardboard boxes to draw characters he grew up watching.

To Side B, he comments on the hobby and how his passion for anime came about. “I have always been fascinated by Japanese culture and Japanese animation (anime). Since I was little, I followed the ones that were on television”, he says. At school, he reports that he started to get involved in artistic projects.

“I’ve drawn since I was little, always trying to copy the same drawings on TV, but it was at the school where I studied that I had the greatest stimulus. We had a mural from a group called Expert Hqs that I was part of and we would draw it to be on display for everyone at school to see,” she says.

Drawings are made by him with a black mug. (Photo: Personal archive)

Using his imagination and dedicating a lot of patience to the production, he draws everything he sees on television and is inspired by Japanese creations. “The Japanese style is always inspired by various works that I watch. I have it as a hobby and it is something that makes me feel good”, he says.

At work, he takes advantage of unused cardboard boxes and takes them home where he draws. “The drawings I make on the box I use a BIC pen. As for the ones I make at home, I use a mechanical pencil, pencil and an ink pen”, he explains.

Although he has drawing as a hobby, Luiz does not hide that one day he intends to use his talent to work in the area. “I aim to take this as a profession and make a living from it”, he concludes.

Check out some of his productions below:

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