Blumenau Municipality celebrates 5 years with exhibition, event and new headquarters

The digital newspaper O Município Blumenau celebrates five years on October 10th. With local and quality content, in a short time the newspaper conquered space in the daily lives of the residents of Blumenau and region, and is a reference when it comes to information. The numbers reflect this reality.

In July, Grupo O Município, of which O Município Blumenau is a part, had more than 1.3 million views among readers living in Blumenau alone, according to data from the Communication Verifier Institute (IVC), the body responsible for auditing audiences of communication vehicles in Brazil.

In the same month, the group was the vice-leader of audience in Santa Catarina. In August, Grupo O Município had 1.2 million views in the city, positioning itself, once again, ahead of the main competitor, which had 1.1 million views, according to IVC.

And to celebrate the success of these five years, the Municipality Blumenau presents news for the coming weeks, with an anniversary program that includes cultural exposition, an event for the advertising market and also the move to a new headquarters.

Mansions Exhibition

The special Casarões, a webdocumentary series produced by the newspaper to celebrate Blumenau’s birthday in 2021 and 2022, gave rise to the cultural exhibition that will be held from September 27 to October 30, at Shopping Park Alemão. Photos of 10 iconic houses in Blumenau will be exposed, which had their stories told in the two seasons of the webdocumentaries produced by journalist Alice Kienen and cameraman Tiago Schumacher.

The exhibition will be on the first floor of the mall, next to Bistek, with free admission. Visiting hours are from 10 am to 10 pm, every day, including weekends and holidays. You can check out a little more about the houses that are the theme of the exhibition and that are part of the history of Blumenau at and

New place

New headquarters will be in the Unique building. Photo: Alice Kienen/O Municipio Blumenau

With constant growth, Blumenau Municipality also invests in a new headquarters. Located in the Unique Building, close to the Proeb terminal, the new space will be divided into a newsroom, multimedia studio, commercial, meeting room, dining space and restrooms.

With a large and comfortable area for the team and guests, the highlight of the new headquarters is the studio, which will have improvements in acoustics and space compared to the current one, which today works integrated with the newsroom. With this, it will be possible to produce audio and video content with even more quality, a hallmark of the leading audience news portal in Blumenau.

typical celebration

Thapyoka, in downtown Blumenau, will be the stage for the celebrations. Photo: Iáscara Zultanski/O Municipio Blumenau

The five successful years of O Município Blumenau will also be celebrated with a party aimed at the region’s advertising market, restricted to guests. The event will take place at the end of this month, at the Thapyoka restaurant, in the historic center of Blumenau, as a kind of warm-up for Oktoberfest, which takes place again after two years of the Covid-19 pandemic, from October 5th to 23rd.

With typical decor and a German band, the party aims to further strengthen the relationship with the market and celebrate together with partners and staff the results achieved in these five years of history.

Award-winning team

In these five years, O Município Blumenau has already established itself as one of the main forces of Santa Catarina’s journalism. Proof of this are the numerous awards won by its journalists in recent years. In 2021 alone, the digital newspaper won four journalism awards, one national, with journalist Jotaan Silva, who won the TST Journalism Award in the webjournalism category. This year, the journalist is also one of the three finalists for the Sebrae Journalism Award.

Journalist Alice Kienen is also featured. Last year, she won the state phase of the Sebrae Award and also the regional and state phases of the Fapesc Journalism Award. In the 2022 edition of the award, the newspaper is a finalist with Jotaan.

consolidated work

The team at O ​​Município Blumenau, made up of professionals from different areas, celebrates the success of the project. The company is part of Grupo O Município, which has newspapers in Brusque, since 1954, and in Joinville, since 2020.

“Over these five years, we have managed to differentiate ourselves in the local journalism scene in Blumenau, betting on the fluidity of publications, without ever neglecting the quality and responsible verification of information. This way of working, added to a qualified team, resulted in expressive numbers, as evidenced by the IVC, placing Grupo O Município as the leader in audience in Blumenau”, highlights the editor-in-chief, Cristóvão Vieira.

The director of Grupo O Município, Claudio José Schlindwein, celebrates the acceptance that the portal had in such a short time of operation in the city. “It’s been five years of a lot of learning and achievements. It was a period that grew our respect and admiration for this wonderful Blumenau and that’s why we want to share our joy with all those who read us and who make our group a leader in the audience. We reiterate our commitment to doing good, professional, impartial and credible journalism. It’s our way of saying thank you for these years that we’ve been together.”

Commercial manager Diogo Mohr highlights the innovation that the newspaper brought to communication in Blumenau. “In such a short time, the newspaper created an identity with the city and all the brand’s credibility reflects on our partners. The newspaper is already a reference in new projects, it has brought a new way of acting in the digital environment. This is the great differential of O Município Blumenau. If in five years it is already seen as a reference in credibility, innovation and results that it delivers to our customers, imagine what lies ahead”.

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