Illustrator Makes Incredible Art Of Maki Zenin In The Slaughter Game

Check out the result of this concept art!

Kaisen Jujutsu is an anime that was very successful in the year 2021, being named as one of the best of its season. Until the second season arrives, Gege Akutamiauthor of the work – continues to deliver weekly chapters of its manga, and we are currently seeing the incredible Maki Zenin! As Slaughter Game in progress, a fan created a spectacular art of the character.

O Slaughter Game is unfolding in the midst of amazing clashes and mortals, with characters like Itadori, Megumi, Hakari and Yuta being on different battlefields known as “Colonies”. However, the latest arc has brought back a fan-acclaimed character: Maki Zeninwhich faces a old rival in an exciting rematch.

A fan and artist enjoyed the triumphant return of a Maki even more powerful and monstrous to create concept art that was shared via Instagram (@therealsketchyartist). Check the result below:

Maki Zenin (Image taken from Instagram)

As is easy to see, the fan and artist traits are Completely different of mangaka’s traits, Gege Akutami. However, the character’s current look was respected, with her muscles apparent due to the large increase in force and resistance, at scars around your body (sequels from the previous arch, in Shibuya) and of course your new cursed weapon bloodied in his right hand.

the fate of Maki Zenin in the manga of Kaisen Jujutsu is yet to be defined, as is that of any other character who has survived the last few chapters written by Akutami. But what about you, what did you think of the design chosen by the fan? Share your opinion with us in the comments!

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