Feminists attack artist over illustration

Maro Muchi romantic comedy manga artist “Seitokai ni mo Ana wa Aru!” shared an erotic illustration on Twitter that immediately went viral, for all the wrong reasons. It turns out that his illustration attracted the attention of the feminist collective on social media, which immediately began to attack him.

The author wrote: “THE Ume-kun’s teacher who rummages through the fridge late at night looking for a food that hasn’t expired“, it’s worth mentioning that according to her official description in the manga, she’s a person who goes home, eats, and m4s7urb4 often. On the other hand, in the illustration you can see the teacher rummaging in the fridge with her bra open.

THE Image generated several negative comments and we are going to highlight some of them for you now:

If you’re at home, don’t use it. t-shirt And much less bra, nor tank top with the bra unbuttoned, nor other unintelligible clothes that don’t relax you. You also don’t wear hairpins and another, no woman puts expired food in a tiny fridge.”

You say that “it’s a manga, it’s a drawing”, but it would be scary if the joints of the arms and legs were bent backwards in a simple romantic comedy manga. It’s a physically impossible situation in a play that feels real, and it’s very irritating..”

She was about to take off her bra (or put it?). What kind of situation is this? I wonder if men who see this and say it’s erotic and vivid and realistic go through the fridge without panty.”

You can say (from the text accompanying the illustration) that the artist wanted to create a realistic impression of life, but the finished illustration itself is unrealistic.”

Real women don’t do things half-heartedly like hook bras, get naked on top, don’t wear hairpins, use rubber bands and can afford to eat expired things”

The bra doesn’t stay there fixed position when it is undone. The artist has to know a real woman before trying to represent her.

I know it’s an illustration and I know it’s fictionbut I think it’s weird because it’s hard to walk around with just the hooks loose and the bra on, like walking with your pants up to your knees and trying to keep them from falling off.”

Men complain about the way a woman safe woman a gun in a shoujo manga, but when clothespins and bras are mentioned, they say, “It’s fun to aim for creativity!” Are you not a hypocrite?.”

I know it’s not cool to take that kind of creative work seriously, but I don’t like the idea of ​​an unbuttoned bra because it falls off the shoulder and it’s in a weird position, and when doing something”absolutely impossible“in a realistic illustration like this, it makes me very uncomfortable and I want to take out all my anger on it”

I feel uncomfortable seeing this, when I wear light clothes at home, I only wear a t-shirt with panties, but I don’t have my bra unbuttoned and my jeans on.”

“Where has a woman ever been seen to wear these clothes at home, wearing a bra like that and being without panties in front of the fridge? This is all for satisfy these filthy men.”

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