Biennial of Arts has Gretchen, Onete, Sensual Fruit and Croco

The public attended in droves at Aldeia Amazônica, yesterday (20), first day of the Bienal de Artes de Belém. The program began with a large cultural procession in which folkloric groups and various artistic manifestations were performed.

This Wednesday (21), the main attractions will be Gretchen, Dona Onete, Banda Fruto Sensual and the Crocodile Prime sound system. Shows start at 7pm and end at 11pm. Each presentation is, on average, one hour long.

Attractions on the 2nd day of the Arts Biennial | reproduction

At Fundação Cultural do Pará, where there is also a program for the Bienal, the shows are in charge of Inesita and Dayse Addario.

Paraenses are featured in festival about Amazon in SP

The opening procession had the participation of the members of Auto do Círio and the stage presentations began with the show “Para Semper Ruy”, in honor of the work of the poet and musician from Pará Rui Barata.

Popular culture asked for passage at the opening of the event | Marcos Barbosa – Common

The first night of the Bienal de Artes ended with Simone’s show. The artist sang several hits, such as “Canta Canta, Minha Gente” and “O Que é, O Que é”.

The public filled the Amazon Village
The public filled the Amazon Village | Marcos Barbosa – Common

“Culture is always good, it doesn’t weigh you down, it doesn’t make you fat, it doesn’t hurt, it’s just good. I loved it, I think it was very clear what I felt with you and what you went through, we became just one, it was wonderful, it was a great interaction, thank you very much. I want culture, we are struggling during this time, this scarcity that has been terrible, and the people also want culture, in fact they deserve it. I leave Belém my thanks, I’m very grateful, I loved it, I’m happy”, said the singer.

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