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Transformed into a cultural center, the space will have musical attractions and an exhibition of the poet’s personal objects.

Manoel de Barros glasses on the desk. (Photo: Archive / Marithê do Céu)

The house where Manoel de Barros lived for the last 30 years of his life, in the Jardim dos Estados neighborhood, in Campo Grande, receives its first visitors from October onwards. The home of the poet and his lifelong companion, Stella Barros, has been transformed into a cultural center and officially opens its doors next month with an exhibition and musical performances.

Named ‘Casa-Quintal Manoel de Barros’, the space will open on October 19th. On the date, the actress and poet, Bruna Lombardi, will show an interview she did for TV in the 1990s with the poet in her own home.

Interested parties can schedule the visit through the Sympla platform from the 28th of September. For November, the confirmed attraction is the singer and songwriter Tetê Espíndola, who will perform a pocket show at the Casa with poems set to music by Manoel de Barros.

Sofa where the poet had his favorite side to stay. (Photo: Archive / Marithê do Céu)

In addition to the musical performances, the public will be able to check out the exhibition of Manoel de Barros’ personal objects, such as rare documents, letters exchanged by the poet with friends, drawings and photos that portray his daily life on the farm in the Pantanal and at his residence in the Capital.

Another highlight of Casa-Quintal is the immersive room created by visual artist Ivan Soares with images by Manoel de Barros from the films “Caramujo-Flor”, by Joel Pizzini and “Planuras”, by Maurício Copetti, in addition to audiovisual recordings by Ricardo Câmara Pieretti. inside the writer’s house.

In 2021, the Side B did an article about the poet’s house. At the time, Manoel de Barros’ grandson, Ilvestre Nogueira Barros, and journalist friend Pedro Spíndola commented on the initiative to create the museum and culture house.

Personal items of the writer who died in 2014. (Photo: Arquivo/ Marithê do Céu)
Personal items of the writer who died in 2014. (Photo: Arquivo/ Marithê do Céu)

About the Manoel de Barros Backyard House – The creation of the new cultural space in Campo Grande focused on memory and poetic invention is the result of a movement that brings together artists and producers from the state and from all over the country, who came together as the Society of Friends of Casa-Quintal Manoel de Barros in a project carried out by the Nelito Câmara Foundation, Pólo Filme and co-organized by the state’s Sesc Cultura and with the support of Energisa. The project also has the cultural support of Polca, Cine Café and Essência de Mato.

Among the artists who joined the recreation of the residency in “Casa-Quintal Manoel de Barros” are the writers Raduan Nassar, Mia Couto, Eucanaã Ferraz, Sérgio Medeiros, Adalberto Müller; the singers and songwriters Ney Matogrosso, Tetê Espíndola, Adriana Calcanhoto, Alzira Espíndola, Egberto Gismonti, João Guilherme Ripper and the actresses and poets Bruna Lombardi, Elisa Lucinda, Gleycielli Nonato Guató.

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Designed by Silvestre de Barros, Pedro Espíndola and Ricardo Pieretti Câmara, Curated by Joel Pizzini, Executive Production by Juliana Domingos, Art Direction by Mariana Villas-Bôas and Paula Bueno and a team of artistic collaborators from the city such as Mary Saldanha, Casa Muxarabi , Thais Pompêo, Roberta Siqueira, Renata Sibele and Bruno Atra.

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