After ‘false psychics’ coup, Justice orders works of art with collector’s widow to be cataloged

After ‘false psychics’ coup, Justice orders works of art with collector’s widow to be cataloged
After ‘false psychics’ coup, Justice orders works of art with collector’s widow to be cataloged

The Justice of Rio determined that searches be carried out in properties in Copacabana and Itaipava to catalog all the works of art that belonged to the collector Jean Boghici and that are in the possession of the widow Geneviève Rose Coll Boghici, 82 years old. She and the other heiresses will also have to inform what their bank accounts are after a request from attorney Fernando José Lemme Weiss, from the State Attorney General’s Office (PGE). PGE suspects tax evasion. Geneviève is the mother of actress Sabine Coll Boghici, who has been arrested since August and accused of scamming Geneviève for more than R$700 million. Other people were also arrested for the crime, among them women who called themselves psychics and who said that Sabine would die.

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The decision was taken last Thursday (15th) by Judge Rose Marie Pimentel Martins, of the 7th Court of Orphans and Successions of the Court of Justice, in the process that mother and daughter fight over the estate of the dealer.

In 2021, Sabine declared to the Justice that her mother had not included in her father’s estate, Jean Boghici, works of art by great artists recognized worldwide. According to Sabine, her mother who is the executor, she would have declared only real estate, a car and a bank account. Sabine says her mother keeps important works of art abroad. She asks the Justice to remove Geneviève from the inventory.

After her arrest, PGE asked the court that Geneviève Boghici be required to provide information about the estate’s assets, including money and works of art. “The news, extracted from the information available in the inquiry (from the Special Police Station for Assistance to the Elderly Person – Deapti), inform that the assets in paintings and species of the deceased was at least R$ 700,000,000 (seven hundred million of reais), a value much higher than the 5 million reais attributed to the case and the amount described in the first statements”, said Fernando José Lemme Weiss, PGE’s Prosecutor’s Office in the petition delivered to the Judiciary on August 11.

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In another part of the document, he says that “the existence of the extremely valuable paintings and the embezzled values ​​was not informed in the process, an omissive conduct that characterizes tax evasion. Not even the assets belonging to Galeria Jean Boghici Ltda were detailed. to avoid serious damage to the state treasury is to send an official letter to the Police Station responsible for the investigation, DEAPTI – Special Police Station for Elderly Persons, requesting the sending of the pieces of the investigation, especially those that describe and inform the value of the assets diverted by the accused , which is now required.

Finally, attorney Fernando José Lemme Weiss asked “that this rite be converted into an inventory due to the clear need for evaluation to avoid injury to both the public purse and the administrator, an elderly person who, clearly, is no longer in agreement with one of the other two heiresses, which removes the essential requirement of consensual”.

Sabine Coll Boghici, arrested for participating in a millionaire coup against her 82-year-old mother, in the South Zone of Rio Photo: Reproduction

Four days later, the Justice of Rio de Janeiro favored the prosecutor’s request and ordered the Judiciary Asset Search System (SISBAJUD) to report all accounts in the name of Sabine’s mother and the amounts in them.

In her decision, Judge Rose Marie Pimentel Martins wrote:

“Considering the serious facts narrated, there being evidence that reinforces the hypothesis of tax evasion, raised by the learned State Attorney and the diligence required being effective means to investigate the allegations articulated by the State Treasury: I proceeded to request the information at Sisbajud. Verification and evaluation warrants are issued, as a court order, in the meeira’s apartment in Copacabana and in Itaipava’s house, with the purpose of listing all the works of art there, thus enabling them to be shared and on them the ITCMD can be launched. The sharecropper and the heiresses are to be summoned to inform all the bank accounts they have in Brazil and abroad within five days”.

Sabine is imprisoned in the Gericinó Penitentiary Complex, in the West Zone of Rio, accused of carrying out a millionaire coup on her mother. Genevive went to the police to report that she had been mistreated and had been stolen.

In a note, PGE stated that it “asked the Court for information on the possible disposal of works of art without the due payment of the transmission tax, since, in the case of inherited goods, the payment of ITCMD (transmission tax causes death and donation) is mandatory for the State Public Treasury”.

Sabine’s lawyer, Sérgio Guimarães Riera, said that “now the truth will come out.”

GLOBO sought the defense of Geneviève Boghici, but lawyers Frederico de Moura Leite Estefan and Giselle Camilo Cesário were not located by the report.

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