Exhibition of “art” in MG draws attention for “demonic” content and phrases like “God is dead” (see video)

The Belo Horizonte Youth Reference Center, which is part of the city’s City Hall, held an exhibition last week with a somewhat “strange” content.

The show CAUSCRJ22 exposed demonic imagery, neutral language and shocking phrases like “God is dead” and “we are going to transgender babies and “there is nothing you can do about it”.

When questioned, the city government released a note stating that it does not condone expressions of hatred or that violate human rights and said that the content was removed from the exhibition.

– We are aware that the CAUSCRJ22 Exhibition suffered some offensive interventions that violated human rights in the works, without communication or authorization from the production responsible for the exhibition or from the Youth Reference Center. As soon as the interventions were identified, the removal was provided – he informed.

The Center serves approximately 10,000 young people who certainly had access to the exhibition.

See in the video:

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