artists release music in support of Lula

artists release music in support of Lula
artists release music in support of Lula

Renowned names in Brazilian theater and music endorse campaign to raise votes for Ciro and Tebet for PT

Artists such as Gal Costa, Maria Bethânia, Nando Reis, Caetano Veloso, Mart’nália, Drica Moraes, Daniela Mercury, among other actors and musicians, released a music video with a chorus “turn, turn vote”, in support of former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT). Here is the complete list of personalities that appear in the recording (25 KB).

In addition to Lula, President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) articulates winning the vote of the other candidates in the election by encouraging the so-called “useful vote”. The most active strategy is the PT campaign, which tries to take the dispute in the 1st round. For this, the PT tries to win the vote of the current voters of Ciro Gomes (PDT) and Simone Tebet (MDB).

Watch the video (1m37sec):

Here are the artists featured in the video:

  • Nando Reis
  • Duda Beat
  • Arnaldo Antunes
  • Deborah Evelyn
  • Caetano Veloso
  • Silvero Pereira
  • Denise Fraga
  • Shard Ciocler
  • Marcelo Faria
  • Mart’nália
  • Beto Bruno
  • Alinne Moraes
  • Natalia Lage
  • Drica Moraes
  • Margareth Menezes
  • Zeze polessa
  • Daniela Mercury
  • Luisa Mell and son
  • Bruno Garcia
  • Marina Person
  • Gal Costa
  • Cissa Guimarães
  • Gilsons – Francisco, João and José
  • Monica Martelli
  • Denise Fraga
  • Villa Lobo data
  • Cláudia Abreu
  • Evandro Mesquita
  • Marina Ribeiro
  • Sérgio Loroza
  • Maria Bethania

Last Saturday (September 17), artists also released a “song-manifesto” against Bolsonaro’s re-election called “Hymn to the Nameless”. The song, of more than 13 minutes, is performed by artists such as Bruno Gagliasso, Wagner Moura, Lenine, Chico César and Zélia Duncan.

Listen (13:45):


Lula’s advantage over Bolsonaro ranges from 3.7 to 16 percentage points in recently released polls.

Only the survey by Ipec (formerly Ibope), carried out from September 17 to 18, 2022, signals the possibility of Lula’s victory in the 1st round. The survey indicates that the former president has 47%, while Bolsonaro has 31%.

The survey by Paraná Pesquisas, on the other hand, indicates a technical tie with a margin of error of 2.2 percentage points. Lula has 40.1% and Bolsonaro scores 36.4%.

The search PowerDate, held from September 18 to 20, shows that PT has 44% of voting intentions. Bolsonaro scores 37%.

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